Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Hi All,

Today’s C topic is …CHOCOLATE CAKE.

Yep, today we are going to talk about something l love. I mentioned that I would post things this year that just plain make me happy. Well, the recipe below is the easiest, best tasting chocolate cake that I have ever made. It has become a favorite in my home and I make it to celebrate all kinds of things. It takes me all of fifteen minutes to mix up the batter and have it in the oven. That includes the time it takes to get everything out.  The icing is to die for and it takes five minutes to make.

This is one of those cakes that you can’t ruin. Just dump everything in the bowl, mix it up, and bake it. Seriously easy. If you are a cake lover like me, make it and let me know what you think.

Nancy C. Weeks
Author of In the Shadow of Greed
Release date: 29 April 2013 
26 DAYS TO GO :)

Here's the recipe. Enjoy 

Nancy’s Everyday Chocolate Cake

2 C sugar

½ C butter (one stick)

2 eggs

1 tsp vanilla

1 C milk

½ C cocoa powder or 4 squares of unsweetened chocolate

 2½ C flour

1 tsp. baking powder

1 tsp baking soda

1 C very hot water

Melt chocolate in microwave for 1 minute.  In a mixing bowl, mix butter, sugar, eggs, and vanilla.  Add chocolate slowly.  Add flour, baking soda, baking powder, alternating with milk.  Mix well for about 2 minutes.  Slowly add the hot water.  This batter will be very liquidly.  Mix until well blended.  Pour into a buttered 13x9-inch baking pan or 2 round cake pans. Bake at 350F for 30 minutes.  Cool before frosting if you have time.  It is wonderful warm too.

The Most Wonderful Chocolate Frosting in the World (takes all of 5 minutes)

Bring to a soft boil or until everything blended:

1 stick of butter

4 Tbs. cocoa or 2 squares of unsweetened chocolate

¼ C of milk

Pour over 1 pound of powdered sugar.  Mix well and pour over cake.  The cake can be served warm. Once cooled, the frosting will harden like fudge. So good!


  1. Oh, yum! And I have all those ingredients in my pantry right now. Guess what I'm going to do? :)

  2. Hi Julie,
    YEA!! Make it. I'm not kidding. It's the best. I have college kids now and I mail them this cake in one of the post office's pre-paid boxes. As soon as it's frosted, I wrap it in plastic wrap and freeze it. It takes a couple days to get where it's going, but my kids---and their friends just love it.
    Thanks so much for dropping by.

  3. That sounds so good! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  4. Hi M.J!
    Thanks so much for dropping by for a visit. Let me know if you make the cake. I'm posting a couple other recipes this month. Easy, great comfort food.

  5. Yum. That sounds quite yummy! Chocolate is not the first thing I reach for in a dessert, but when I do, a brownie or cake is high on the list. I read your comment above about mailing a cake to your kids--that is just about the sweetest care package I can imagine. Good mom!

    1. Hi Sherilee,
      So glad you found me. My kids---and their friends---just know how to pull my emotional 'I miss you' button. LOL.

  6. Nancy, This recipe sounds super easy and super yummy. We are having a baking contest at my work on 4/12. I think I'm going to make this. I'll let you know if I (we) win. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Cari,
      A little tip to make the cake very moist. I don't know why this works, but it does. Instead of adding the cup of hot water to batter at the end, bring the water to a light boil. Again, I have no idea why this makes a cake so moist, but for some strange reason, it works. I can't wait to hear if it wins.
      It is so nice to see you back on my blog. Hugs!

  7. Yum, chocolate cake. My favourite food group. ;)

    1. HI LYNDA!
      Welcome to my blog. Thanks so much for dropping by. I hope you enjoy the recipe. :)