Thursday, April 11, 2013

J is for... What Brings Me Joy Right Now.

Happy Thursday everyone,
Yesterday, I was reading a post from one of the participants in the A to Z challenge. Someone asked this question.

What beings you joy?

So here is my list of the things that bring me joy right now, at this moment.
My sweet hubby. I’m the luckiest woman in the world and I pray I never take what I have for granted. Why is he so special? Well, it’s the little things he does all the time for me without me ever asking. He knows me! Take this morning for instance. As he was rushing out to work, he took the time to bring my laptop out on my deck and plug it in. He also picked up my mouse, my cell phone, the portable house phone and my coffee cup. I could have done all those things, but in my chair, it would have taken me several trips. It was such a simple, thoughtful thing to do—and I told him so.

Being able to spend my day writing brings me more joy than I can ever express.  I love digging into the lives of my characters, watching them evolve. It constantly surprises me where the story and my characters take me. I have the basic idea/outline for my work in progress, but I love how the story actually develops a mind and heart of its own as I’m writing it.

I take such joy from my kids who reach out to me every day. They are adults now, but they seem to really enjoy sharing their life with me.
This last joy took me totally by surprises ... and made me eat a word or two. So here goes...
I find joy in connecting every morning to what I call my virtual world. That’ right, I said it and it’s true. I fought the whole social networking thing for a long time. But slowly, it won me over. I meet and interact with such wonderful authors every day. I have never met you, but you have had such an amazing influence on my writing. It is such a joy to interact daily with my writing buddies on Facebook, my on-line critique group, Letheladies, my tweet buddies on Twitter, and to all of you in this amazing A to Z blog challenge. I have learned from you in so many ways. It’s made my life richer, the world smaller, more intimate. We all have the same needs, wants, struggles, passions, joys. Just knowing there are others like me out there makes my life easier.

So what brings you joy at this moment in you life?


  1. Being able to write in my blog everyday brings me immense joy.

    Happy A to Z blogging!

    1. Hi S.L.
      I don't usually blog every day, but I do write everyday. Like you, it brings me immense joy. Really enjoy your blog theme and will drop by more often. :)

  2. I wish I could remember to do this every day! Besides my family, the things that bring me joy are music (just discovered someone new to me and I love his music!) and my books, both published and those yet to be published.

    And your husband sounds like a total sweetheart! :)

    1. HI Juli,
      My hubby really is a real sweetie. As for visiting blogs, I have trouble visiting as many as I want to. The day just flies by. What is your new music fine? Share! :)

    2. His name is Melvin Taylor, and he is brilliant. I'm partial to his blues, but he's also released some jazz, so there's something for everyone. Liv Rancourt is the one who brought him to my attention, and I can't thank her enough! Here's one of my favorites: Enjoy!

  3. My hubby bought me an IPad yesterday, and now I am reading A-Z posts on it. I'm your newest follower! That is what brings me joy today.

  4. Welcome to my blog, Cathy.
    Wow! Sweetest comment! Thanks so much for dropping by. Enjoy your new toy.:)