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Happy Monday, everyone!

My silly grin is back on my face. I'm so very excited to announce that my new novel, IN THE SHADOW OF MALICE  is out in the world!!! I remember a year and a half ago writing a post about this amazing dream I had, to become a published author. Today, I'm celebrating my third book release in less than a year.  When I sit back and think about this past year, it all seems like a dream, a freak'n amazing dream. But it isn't a dream, it is real and I'm very happy to share it with you.   

One of the things I'm doing to celebrate this week and to thank my wonderful readers is to give away a $5 Amazon gift card and a free copy of one of my books. If you would like a chance to win, clink on the link before:


Nancy C. Weeks

Excerpt of In the Shadow of Malice       

Calista placed her hand on Adam’s shoulder. His muscles trembled beneath her touch, sending a pulse of grief right to her heart. She caressed his shoulder then pressed her hand against his hand, which still clutched his phone to his ear. Adam’s tortured gaze met hers and he jerked her hand away, shoving the phone back in his sports coat.
He pressed his temples with his fingertips and said, “Get out of the car, Calista.”
“No. I’m not leaving you. You need a doctor.”
Her voice sounded calm to her own ears, but everything in her wanted to run. Tidbits of Adam’s conversation with a man named Ludis mixed with Calista’s nightmarish visions of her best friend’s screams; Hanna’s blood smeared over the walls and matted in her hair, the agony from the monster’s knife so excruciating, Hanna’s mind slipped into the darkest hell, never to open again. They buried her on a cold, dreary day, a fitting scene for such a horrific loss.
Calista’s eyes began to fill. She shut them, bit down on her bottom lip before drawing in a deep, cleansing breath. This wasn’t the time to freak out. Blood mixed with tears streamed down the side of Adam’s face. Air, maybe he needed air. She turned the key and hit the button on the door. The window slid down, letting in the cool night breeze. With the sleeve of her blouse, she blotted the bleeding from the corner of his eye. She knew next to nothing about medicine. But damn it, eyes didn’t bleed.
“Get out, Calista. I have to go.” Adam’s voice grew weak, the last word was almost inaudible.
“You can’t drive.” She choked on the last word. Her heart pounded between her ears, drowning out the world around her. Only Adam existed. She tried to remember her first aid lessons, but nothing she had ever learned covered this.
A moan escaped his lips. “It’s better. The pain is lessening.”
“Liar. Your face is as white as your shirt. I’ll drive you.”
“No! Hell, no.”
“Damn it, Adam. Change seats with me and tell me the address.”
“I can’t get you involved.”
His pain-filled voice squeezed her heart and she silently began to pray. God, please don’t let him die. She clutched his hands in hers. “I’m not leaving you.”
Since Hanna’s death, Calista had walked out of her own life, slamming the door to the reckless, fun-loving person of her past, and hid under the shield of her grandfather’s diner for the last fifteen months. But that shield didn’t protect her from the nightmares or guard her from the violence in the world she couldn’t control. It found her anyway. As easy as it would be to open the door and step out of the car, she would never forgive herself for leaving Adam alone.
She yanked the keys from the ignition, got out of the car, and raced around to the driver’s side. She threw open the door and tried to shove him over into the passenger seat.
“Move over.”
“Give me the damn keys. Now.” He tried to grab them, but she stepped out of his reach. He glared up at her. “You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into. This can’t touch you.”
Calista nudged Adam with her hip, trying to force him out of the driver’s seat. “I’m not leaving.” 

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