Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Meyette's Musings: Nancy C. Weeks Celebrates the One Year Anniversary...


Today, to launch the beginning of a week long celebration for my debut novel, IN THE SHADOW OF GREED, I'm visiting with wonderful author, Elizabeth Meyette on her blog, Meyette's Musings. Drop on over and read how I took the idea of In the Shadow of Greed from a idea in my head to the page.

As with any celebrations, I have presents!! I'm going to pick one lucky person to receive a digital copy of the first three books in my Shadow series, In the Shadow of Greed, In the Shadow of Evil and In the Shadow of Malice. 

To win, either leave a comment with your email address on Meyette's Musings blog or here. [Without an email address, I have no way to contact the winner and send the series. :)]

If you have any questions you would like to ask me about this amazing dream-come-true journey, please don't hesitate to ask. 

Here is the link. I hope you enjoy the interview! 

Meyette's Musings: Nancy C. Weeks Celebrates the One Year Anniversary...

Have a wonderful day and be nice to one another. And again, thanks for stopping by for a visit. Please don't forget to leave a comment for your chance to win three digital copies of my Shadow Series.
Nancy C. Weeks

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Happy Wednesday, everyone!

I'm so honored to have wonderful author, Mindy Klasky with us today to tell us about her exciting news, the release of THE DIAMOND BRIDES series. Mindy plans to release nine hot contemporary romance novels, one each month up to the World Series that are all built around the imaginary Raleigh Rockets baseball team. That's right, nine hot, sexy baseball players!!!

I guess I never mentioned that I'm  a devoted Washington Nationals baseball fan. After the winter we have had in Maryland, I've been marking off the days to the return of baseball--it's the true sign of spring. So how fitting is it that I get to host Mindy's first book in the series, PERFECT PITCH. 

Before I start naming all my favorite players, their batting averages, who the best pitcher in the National league is according to me, I better turn this blog over to Mindy. By the way, Mindy is as sweet as her picture portrays. 

Mindy, thanks so much for stopping by for a visit. 


Once upon a time, I was a trademark attorney, working for one of the largest law firms in Washington, DC.  (Don't worry – this story has a happy ending.  I write novels full time now!)  Every couple of years while I was practicing, I would get a phone call from a headhunter, looking to fill a position at another large local firm.  The position was highly specialized – it was a non-partnership-track job doing trademark work exclusively for one client:  Major League Baseball.

 Each time the headhunter called, I was amused.  At the time, I didn't watch baseball.  All of the presumed perks of the trademark lawyer job – tickets to games, swag with team logos, etc. – would have meant nothing to me.

 Fast forward mumble-mumble years.  I'm now writing a series of hot, contemporary romances built around the (imaginary) Raleigh Rockets baseball team.  And I'm using my trademark lawyer skills every step of the way. 

First, when I was just beginning to develop the series, I ran a trademark search to make sure that "Rockets" was available for my fictional baseball team.  I couldn't use the name if it was confusingly similar to other team names.  "Similar" for trademark purposes can mean a lot of things, but I had to consider "sight, sound, and meaning".  I couldn't use "Rockets" if there was already a "Pockets" team out there.  Nor could I use "Rockets" if there was already a "Spaceships" team.

 Ultimately, I concluded that "Rockets" was available for use.

 But my trademark expertise was still required.  There is big money in Major League Baseball.  They demand high licensing fees for their team logos; in fact, licensed goods are worth millions of dollars every year.  While I'm determined to make the Diamond Brides Series a success, I know I'll never be able to afford Major League licensing costs.

 And so it became important for me to avoid infringing Major League trademarks.  I could not send my Raleigh Rockets to play the New York Yankees, or the Los Angeles Dodgers, or any other real team.  Nevertheless, I could send them to New York, or to LA.  (A city name can't be trademarked; only the team name can be protected.)

 Even with the restrictions on trademarked names, I can make factual statements about an existing team.  Thus, if I want to refer to Babe Ruth, I can mention that the Red Sox sold him to the Yankees.  I can say that the Colorado Rockies have never won the World Series.  Those are facts, and I'm not connoting that the Red Sox, Yankees, and Rockies have sponsored my Diamond Brides Series in any way or that the teams are somehow the source of my spicy romances.

 If I've done my job right, readers will be so engrossed in my characters that they'll never think about the picky details of trademark law.  Baseball is a backdrop to my stories – each novel is about a man and a woman working through conflicts so they can be the best partners possible for each other.

 What books have you read where trademarks leaped out at you?  Or conversely, what books have you read where the author has gone through clever machinations to avoid having a trademark leap out at you?


Blurb of Perfect Pitch. Enjoy!

Reigning beauty queen Samantha Winger is launching her pet project, a music program for kids. All she has to do is follow the pageant's rules—no smoking, drinking, or "cavorting" in public.

That's fine, until D.J. Thomas—God's gift to baseball—throws her a wild pitch. He slams her in an interview, and the video goes viral. Sam's no shrinking violet. She parlays D.J.'s apology into a national T.V. appearance—and a very unexpected, very public kiss.

Soon, paparazzi catch the couple in a steamy make-out session, and Sam's music program is on the block. The blazing hot relationship is threatened even more when D.J.'s son begs to trade in Little League for music class.

Can Sam and D.J. sizzle past the sour notes and find their perfect pitch?

A little information about Mindy Kalsky

Mindy learned to read when her parents shoved a book in her hands and told her she could travel anywhere through stories. As a writer, Mindy has traveled through various genres, including hot contemporary romance. In her spare time, Mindy knits, quilts, and tries to tame her to-be-read shelf.

Mindy's second book, CATCHING HELL released two days ago. So, get reading. You have a little catching up to do. 

Thank you for stopping by for a visit. As always, Mindy and I would love to hear from you. Please don't be shy. Ask us anything by clicking on the yellow pencil below. Until then, dash on over to Mindy's links and check out Perfect Pitch and Catching Hell. 

Hugs to all,
Nancy C. Weeks

Monday, April 7, 2014


Happy Monday, Everyone!

My debut novel, In the Shadow of Greed has been nominated for a RONE Award! 

This prestigious award honors the very best in independently and small published books in 2013. 

For In the Shadow of Greed to advance to the next stage, I need your votes! You can accomplish this one of two ways, but must vote from April 7 - 13! 

1) Send an email to with this message:

I vote for In the Shadow of Greed in the Week 5 round of Best Suspense/Thriller


2) Log onto Indtale magazine: [this requires a free registration]

Thank you so much for your support. Please feel free to share this around. 

Hugs to all,

Nancy C. Weeks

Saturday, April 5, 2014


I'm so happy today to share the cover and official blurb of One Lucky Night with you!

One night can change everything…

The crew at Boston’s Brazen Head Pub hasn’t been very lucky in love. Can a mysterious visitor inspire them to look past old hurts and misconceptions and give romance a chance? One Lucky Night is a collection of five sexy interwoven novelettes by Aria Kane, Grace Teague, Ana Blaze, Constance Phillips, and Melinda Dozier.

Lucky Break by Aria Kane
Four years ago, chef Derek Chase walked out of Andrea Rivera’s life after a tragedy neither of them were prepared to deal with. When she’s called to the Brazen Head to repair a dishwasher, old sparks ignite buried feelings.

Lucky Star by Grace Teague
When her life is threatened by a mugger, Charlotte Price realizes she's in love with her best friend, Tommy Leung. The Brazen Head seems like the perfect neutral place to confess her feelings, but nothing goes according to plan.

A New Tune by Ana Blaze
When it comes to dating, Holly Hall has one unbreakable rule: no musicians. Not even gorgeous ones. Especially not gorgeous ones. Dating them only leads to heartbreak. So why did she let singer-songwriter Cian O’Neill kiss her? And why is she thinking about doing it again?

Lexi’s Chance by Constance Phillips
As a bartender, Sean Whalen meets all kinds of women every night, but none turn his head the way that Lexi has. She’s been playing cat and mouse with him for weeks. Tonight, Sean’s determined to get Lexi to quit teasing and take a real chance on him.

Drink or Dare by Melinda Dozier
A bachelorette party Drink or Dare game pairs paramedic students, Rachel Robertson and Killian Whelan, in a flirting match. Soon, the dares threaten to turn their academic rivalry into something much more.

One Lucky Night will be available in print and at all major ebook retailers on May 7th. For now, you can add it to Goodreads!

About the Authors

Aria Kane is a recovering mechanical engineer and romance writer. As a military brat, she grew up all over the country, but now lives in sunny Florida with a 60 lb mutt who thinks he's a chihuahua.

Grace Teague lives in Pittsburgh with her spouse, children and a cat named Mr. Sushi.

Ana Blaze lives near Washington DC with her charming husband and three cats who firmly believe they are royalty. Ana is a member of Romance Writers of America.

Constance Phillips lives in Ohio with her husband, two ready-to-leave-the-nest children, and four canine kids. Her perfect fantasy vacation would involve hunting Dracula across Europe with her daughter, who also digs that kind of stuff.

Melinda Dozier teaches English to middle schoolers by day and writes at night. She lives in Guatemala, Central America with her college sweetheart and three sons.


The authors are giving away four print copies of One Lucky Night before you can buy it! 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Today, I'm honoring the memory of one of my fellow Crimson Romance sisters, Kay Rogal [Brenda Kaylor Longstreth]. Kay was taken from all who loved her in a horrific traffic accident February 13, 2014 near her home in Moraine, Ohio.

I met Kay through a Crimson Romance Facebook page. One of the amazing perks I never expected becoming a published author was how close I would come to other authors who also write for Crimson Romance. We have become sisters and support one another in countless ways. Kay was there to welcome me to group and make me feel part of the family.  Sadly, I never had a chance to actually meet Kate in person, but my heart still mourns the lost of wonderful woman.

Crimson Romance will be commemorating and celebrating Kay with a special sale, offering Kay’s Full Circle for 99 cents April 1-7 at all major e-retailers. While you are there, please take a moment and check out her other wonderful novels, SWEET REVENGE and THE HEART OF THE LIGHT.

Kay Rogal wrote with her heart, her soul. While it is so hard to say good bye to such a wonderful woman,  I know as a writer that a part of her will always live on in the pages of her novels.


Author Kay Rogal loved to create happily-ever-afters with alpha heroes and strong heroines with the flames on high. She was the author of three books, The Heart of the Light, Sweet Revenge, and Full Circle. 
Outside of writing, Kay dedicated her life to service, working as a job coach and interpreter for the hearing impaired. 
She also blogged at Hip Waders vs Heels, which she named after her belief that all women should have a good pair of heels, as well as a good pair of hipwaders…just in case. 
Kay was a dedicated mother,  a kind and generous friend, and a fighter — someone who when knocked down, got up and fought harder. She loved life and the people she shared it with. Kay was also full of fun, the kind of person who depended on dark chocolate, sweet red wine, and coffee bold enough to kick her into gear each morning.

We’ll miss you, Kay.

The life as Cat once knew has disappeared forever, bringing terror, blood, and death in its place. Until one man accepts the heritage he has forsaken and comes after her, making her his in every way.

In order to fulfill destiny and obligation in saving their world, Dante has to walk straight into hell and unleash Cat’s soul and passion.

Together, they race through the darkness of hell, unleashing the light to save their love and race.

Barnes and Noble: