Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Today, I'm honoring the memory of one of my fellow Crimson Romance sisters, Kay Rogal [Brenda Kaylor Longstreth]. Kay was taken from all who loved her in a horrific traffic accident February 13, 2014 near her home in Moraine, Ohio.

I met Kay through a Crimson Romance Facebook page. One of the amazing perks I never expected becoming a published author was how close I would come to other authors who also write for Crimson Romance. We have become sisters and support one another in countless ways. Kay was there to welcome me to group and make me feel part of the family.  Sadly, I never had a chance to actually meet Kate in person, but my heart still mourns the lost of wonderful woman.

Crimson Romance will be commemorating and celebrating Kay with a special sale, offering Kay’s Full Circle for 99 cents April 1-7 at all major e-retailers. While you are there, please take a moment and check out her other wonderful novels, SWEET REVENGE and THE HEART OF THE LIGHT.

Kay Rogal wrote with her heart, her soul. While it is so hard to say good bye to such a wonderful woman,  I know as a writer that a part of her will always live on in the pages of her novels.


Author Kay Rogal loved to create happily-ever-afters with alpha heroes and strong heroines with the flames on high. She was the author of three books, The Heart of the Light, Sweet Revenge, and Full Circle. 
Outside of writing, Kay dedicated her life to service, working as a job coach and interpreter for the hearing impaired. 
She also blogged at Hip Waders vs Heels, which she named after her belief that all women should have a good pair of heels, as well as a good pair of hipwaders…just in case. 
Kay was a dedicated mother,  a kind and generous friend, and a fighter — someone who when knocked down, got up and fought harder. She loved life and the people she shared it with. Kay was also full of fun, the kind of person who depended on dark chocolate, sweet red wine, and coffee bold enough to kick her into gear each morning.

We’ll miss you, Kay.

The life as Cat once knew has disappeared forever, bringing terror, blood, and death in its place. Until one man accepts the heritage he has forsaken and comes after her, making her his in every way.

In order to fulfill destiny and obligation in saving their world, Dante has to walk straight into hell and unleash Cat’s soul and passion.

Together, they race through the darkness of hell, unleashing the light to save their love and race.

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  1. Thanks for saying this for us all, Nancy. Hugs.

    1. My pleasure, J. It is so very sad how sudden life can change. Really makes me want to hold on tight to all I love.