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Hi  everyone!

Guess what? In the Shadow of Pride is up for pre-order everywhere. I'm so excited I can barely sit still. Why am I so crazed. Well,  I guess I need to explain what goes on in my head as I end one project and begin another.

For months, In the Shadow of Pride swirled around in my mind and heart. I was just itching to write it, but I was on a tight deadline for Malice. When Malice was off to production and I could no longer meddle in the lives of Adam and Calista, [and boy did I miss them]  it was a joy to be able to place all my concentration on Pride. For the next several weeks, I agonized over whether this story was working, if I had the right balance of romance and suspense, were my characters likable, and most importantly, were they believable. There are so many elements in story building and they all have to jell. 

When I finally finished the book, it was such a thrill because I fell in love with the story and my emotions were all over the place. I was ecstatic to make my deadline, terrified my wonderful agent wouldn't like it, and I couldn't sleep because--well I just wanted my readers to fall in love with Mac and Lexie as much as I did. It's been an emotional time. 

As with the other books in the series, I wanted to give Mac and Lexie their happy-ever-after and get their story out there for readers to read. But by letting it go, I cut myself out of my character's lives. I think that is the hardest part of finishing a book. Letting go. I know Mac and Lexie are only real in my imagination, but after spending weeks thinking about them day and night, they became part of me, part of my world.

All things have to come to an end so I let go of In the Shadow of Pride. Once it went through the final editing pass, waiting to see it appear on Amazon is like waiting for a baby to be born. Is this the day? Is it up yet? I will never admit how many times a day I went onto Amazon to see if it was up. That's just a little too embarrassing. 

Then one day, I got lost into the beginning of the last book in the series, In the Shadow of Vengeance and I [bowed head in shame] forgot to look. Watching for a book to appear for pre-order must be like watching a pot boil. [Get it.....Watched Pots Never Boil. heheh :)] As soon as  I stop checking, there it was. 

I may not be able to write any new scenes, but the book is wonderful just the way it is. In the next few days, I'll post a couple chapters, but for now, I want to give you just a little taste of my wonderful stars of In the Shadow of Pride. In this scene, Mac and Lexie are escaping a burning building. To know how the fire started and what placed them in that building together, you will have to wait just 9 days. 

Enjoy the read: Excerpt of In the Shadow of Pride

Lexie leaned her back against the cool stone and made herself release Mac’s hand. She then took a breath of fresh, clean air and tried to hide the shakiness in her voice. “Now what?”

"I’m going to drop down to the roof. You will kneel on the ledge and, using the window to balance, turn so your legs hang over the edge. Let go of the ledge, and I’ll catch you.”

“Are you crazy? I can’t—”

“Lexie, look behind you.”

She turned her head slowly toward the open window. Flames appeared under the door and the small office was completely filled with smoke. One word escaped her lips. “Trapped.”

“Once we get down onto the roof, there’s a fire escape ladder to the street.” He reached for her hand. “Gabriel needs you. We can do this together.”

Finding her voice, she whispered, “Not fair using Gabriel.” She bit down on her lower lip and dredged up an ounce of courage. “Mac, do what you have to do.”

With the grace of a trained athlete, he lowered himself over the side until only the tips of his fingers were on the ledge. An instant later, he dropped, landing on his feet.

“Tag, you’re it, Lexie. Just drop and I’ll catch you. Trust me.”

Lexie’s heart pounded like she had just run the 100-yard dash. After a quick glance into the office, she knelt, and holding onto the window, rolled onto her stomach.

“That’s it. Now just ease your legs over the ledge.”

The instant her feet hit empty space, panic ripped through her and she swung a leg back onto the ledge as her fingers dug into the window frame. God, she couldn’t do this. It was freaking crazy.

“You have to let go of the window frame. I’m right under you.”

“This isn’t the time to be nice to me, Mac.”

“Okay, then how’s this? I’m loving the view of the sexiest red panties I have ever seen that barely cover an ass that will live in my dreams for years to―”

Lexie dropped. Before she could get out the ear-piercing, girly scream that roared in her head, she landed in Mac’s arms. The impact crushed the air from her lungs.“You’re okay,” he whispered. “I’ve got you.”

Wrapping her arms around his neck, she allowed his strength and his herbal all-male scent to soothe her. He eased her legs back on solid ground, but she didn’t let go. She couldn’t remember a time in her life when she felt so safe, protected.

She raised her chin and met his amused stare. Of all stupid days to wear a skirt to work. As soon as she got out of this mess, it was going to Goodwill. Heat spread up her neck and her chest tightened. “This one time, I’m going to let that go.”

“Let what go, Lexie?”

Mac’s hand moved slowly down her back to her waist and pressed her tightly against him. His touch sent a flash of need that had been dormant for too long into her gut. Lexie swallowed but couldn’t look him in the face. “That wasn’t my best moment on that ledge. You shouldn’t have looked.”

“You told me not to be nice. I was saving your life.”

Have a wonderful weekend, and as always, be nice to one another.

((Hugs to all))

Nancy C. Weeks

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