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Hello everyone,

I'm very happy to have back on my blog my sweet friend,  Loni Lynne. Loni has dropped by today to give us a peak at the new cover for her next release, DISTILLED SPIRITS.

Drum roll please....

DISTILLED SPIRITS will be released on December 15th. Here is a short blurb:

Kings Mill, Maryland’s 200 year old, Old Town Tavern and Inn is in danger of being destroyed to make room for urban renewal. Residential tavern ghost, Millie Taylor is not about to take the news lying down. If anyone destroys her only home and sense of security, it will be over her dead body!

Tavern owner, Dave Rogers hires former vice cop Sean Lightfoot’s construction company to renovate his family tavern in hopes of keeping it from destruction. When Sean digs up the tavern springhouse, he resurrects the ghost of Millie Taylor. Now he has his business to run, a tavern to renovate and a sassy, brash tavern wench who is eager to be an independent modern Millie.

Mystery, suspense and romance abound as Millie and Sean fight an attraction crossing the span of time. But is Millie really alive and what’s hiding in the springhouse that haunts her?


Wow! I love a great ghost story. Add a sazzy, sexy ghost and an hot former cop and I'm sold. Can't imagine how they will ever come together, but I have no doubt Loni Lynne will keep me turning the page to find out. Loni was been kind enough to leave a excerpt/tease of DISTILLED SPIRITS. ENJOY!


Awake and shaken to his core Sean couldn’t control the tremors racing through his body. She’d been here, sitting beside him on the bed as if it were the most natural thing to do. Anyone watching him sleep would be creepy but especially a ghost—even one as beautiful as she was. She’d smiled, touched him. His hand went to his chest and he could swear she’d taken his heat with the touch of her fingers. Maybe he’d dreamed it. He’d fallen asleep sitting up, waking as he nodded off a few times—maybe he’d only dreamed she’d been here.

Grabbing the blankets tighter against him, he reached over to turn on the light, but with each click of the turnkey knob, there was no light. Damn! He must have blown the bulb. Had he left it on while he’d worked? In the dark he reached for his pad. It was there beside him.

Screw this. He stumbled out of bed, nearly tripping over the tangled covers around him. He searched for the light switch near the door, illuminating the whole room. She was definitely gone—if she’d been there at all. He rubbed the back of his neck. He must have fallen asleep. He’d been known to do that occasionally.

Walking to the bed he picked up the tablet. It had gone into sleep mode. Turning it on, it illuminated his earlier designs. He sat back down on the bed, studying his ideas. He’d enlarged the whole room’s interior to make a larger bathroom and more room for a queen sized bed. Some rooms would have tubs and others would have stand-up showers only.

New toilets and vanities—he stopped, looking at the outline of the single sink cabinet and the label. There over the “i” in the word vanity was a tiny daisy with five petals, the dot of the “i” its center.

There was no way in hell he’d done that. He did not make girly flourishes in his work, personal writing or ever.

“Millie.” His voice cracked with disbelief.


More on Loni Lynne...

Loni Lynne believes fate determines our lives and we are just along for the ride. Holding on tight, she's managed an eclectic life of moving all over the country in her youth, seeing sights and places her dreams still take her to every now and again. Writing stories since she was thirteen and dreaming of actually writing a book since that time, fate took over, giving her a chance to find material and experiences to write about.

Upon graduating high school, she served her country in the United States Navy where she met her United States Army hero/husband in his hometown of Annapolis, Maryland. 

After being stationed in Hawaii for their first four years together, they returned to settle in Maryland where they still live, Happily Ever After with their two princesses, who prefer to play with dragons instead of running from them.

Four years ago, as a birthday gift, her husband gave her a portable hard drive, a membership to Romance Writers of America, and the challenge to have a completed manuscript by her next birthday. She did it and then some. Now, she can't stop writing.

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Loni, thanks for coming by for a visit. I wish you all the luck with DISTILLED SPIRITS. Can't wait to read it.


Nancy C. Weeks
In the Shadow of Vengeance: 22 Dec 2014 


  1. Thank you, Nancy for having me here today! So excited about this cover and book. Taria Reed did a great job!
    Hugs to you!

  2. Loni, it was my pleasure. And I agree, Taria Reed did a wonderful job with the cover. I can't wait to get to know Millie and Dave.