Friday, December 26, 2014


Happy Friday!

I wanted to remind everyone who has signed up for my newsletter to watch their emails for my holiday message. If you haven't received it, please check your spam folders. Santa may have left a little gift. :)

Today I've dropped in on my friend and fellow Crimson Romance author, Irene Preston's Foodie Friday blog. 

I left behind one of my families favorite recipes, Carne Asada. It's easy to make and feeds a crowd. I'm holding a Giveaway so don't forget to comment. 

Last bit of news, I want to remind you that my award winning novel, IN THE SHADOW OF EVIL is on SALE for only THREE more days for 99 Cents. This will not happen again for a long time so grab your copy. You will not be disappointed in Jared and Jennie's incredible road to their happy-ever-after. 

Have a wonderful weekend. I hope you have a chance to slow down and find something great to read. That's what I'll be doing.

((Hugs to all))

Nancy C. Weeks

Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Merry Christmas, Everyone!

One question I have been asked a lot in the last few days is what I want for Christmas. 

What I want isn't expensive, out of stock, nor hard to deliver. In this most magical, mysterious, spiritual season, I want one thing...


We are all very unique, with our own special talents, our own unique points of view---our own unique way of understanding this life we are all trying to live. 

We are all special, wonderful, amazing, individuals. So why are we so hard on ourselves and others? Why do we try to tear down what isn't exactly like us? Why can't we appreciate, value our own uniqueness?

Maybe if we could see how wonderful we really are, accept it, and revel in the glory of who we are, then maybe we would be able to appreciate and value the uniqueness in others. 

My mother use to tell me that there is no way you can love others until you love yourself. She was an amazing woman. Listen to her! 

Take a good look at yourself and find something to love. Maybe the eleventh commandment should have read: Love yourself as I have loved you--- so you can love another.

It's a simple gift but it has the power to change our world. 

Hugs to all,
Nancy C. Weeks

Monday, December 22, 2014


Happy Monday, Everyone!!

Today, the fifth and final book in my In the Shadow series, In the Shadow of Vengeance  is out for the world to read. Dreams come true, my friends. 

In the Shadow of Vengeance spouted from a common, but powerful adage: love conquers all. In the real world, our lives are constantly shadowed by adversity. It’s the people that love us that help us through difficult times. I saved Noah McNeil's story for the last book because I knew the villain I planned to stand in the way of his happiness with his heroine, Elizabeth Merlot wasn’t going to be easy to take down.  It’s going to take all five McNeil brothers working together to help Noah and Elizabeth come together.

I’m often asked whether the In the Shadow series need to be read in order. I created each book as a stand-alone novel. They don’t have to be read in order. With that said, I think readers will have a much richer understanding of In the Shadow of Vengeance if they read In the Shadow of Evil first -- where the series began. And wonderful news!! In the Shadow of Evil has been placed on sale for only 99 cents from 12/22 to 12/29!!

If you would like to read the first two chapters free, just select the BOOKS PREVIEW icon above. To purchase In the Shadow of Vengeance, select a button from your favorite retailer below.

Friday, December 19, 2014


Hello all!!

My wonderful friend and fellow author is hosting a review count down of my In the Shadow series in anticipation of the release of In the Shadow of Vengeance on MONDAY, DEC 22. ONLY 3 MORE DAYS!!!!

I thought you might like to check out her thoughts about each book in the series. I can't thank Becky enough for her wonderful comments. I have loved writing about the five McNeil brothers and their journey to their happy-ever-after. To have someone read and enjoy the story I was trying to tell is such an amazing honor.

December 17, 2014


December 18, 2014


December 19, 2014


December 20, 2014


Becky plans to post her review of In the Shadow of Vengeance on Monday. I can't wait to see what she thinks of Noah and Elizabeth's story. 

Hugs to all,

Nancy C. Weeks

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Happy Hump Day!

I want to thank everyone who took the time to subscribe to my new newsletter. My first contest has come to an end. The five winners chosen to receive my romantic suspense bundle Racing Hearts are listed below. Racing Hearts contains my debut novel, In the Shadow of Greed, [Jason McNeil and Sarah Tu's happy-ever-after]. There are 9 other great romances as well to read on those cold winter nights.

Drum roll please ...
And the winners are:






Watch for an email from me today. More prizes will be coming real soon---so if you haven't signed up for my newsletter, do so. It's very easy. 

That's all for today. I hope everyone is having a good week. Until we meet again, take care and be nice to one another.


Nancy C. Weeks

Sunday, December 14, 2014


I received the best surprise this weekend. InD'Tale Magazine gave a 5 Star Crowned Heart for Excellence rating to In the Shadow of Pride. I have to say that I really miss the characters in Pride, especially Lexie and Mac. It was such a joy creating their happy-ever-after. Exploring the world of drone technology and finding a way to use it as the suspense element was like sprinkles on top of a cake. 

If you want to know more about In the Shadow of Pride, you can read the first three chapters by clinking first on the BOOK PREVIEWS icon above then selecting the Google Preview icon under the cover of In the Shadow of Pride.

To read the review, clink the link below:

I hope you have a great Monday. Look for exciting news about my next release, In the Shadow of Vengence coming in ONE WEEK!!

((Hugs to all))

Nancy C. Weeks

Tuesday, December 9, 2014



Happy Friday everyone!

In honor of my new release for In the Shadow of Vengeance, I have created a newsletter. Check at the top line, and next to the CONTACT ME icon is my NEWSLETTER icon. 

Why am I'm doing this? Well, with all the different places you can interact with me, my blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc, it all just seems so noisy. I hoping with the newsletter, we can connect on a more personal level. I pledge never to share your email with anyone, spam you incessantly or disrespect your inbox. 

AND... there will be special Giveaways, Sneak Peeks, and other important announcements just for readers who have taken the time to sign up for my newsletter. 

To get things off to a great start, I'm going to gift 5 copies of my romantic suspense bundle, Racing Hearts to 5 lucky newsletter subscribers. My debut novel, In the Shadow of Greed, where the series began, is the first book in this fantastic bundle. New or current loyal subscribers all have a chance to win. Winners will be chosen December 15th. 

Keep well, and as always, be nice to one another. 

With warm hugs to all,

Nancy C. Weeks

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Cover Reveal - Song of Blood and Stone

Happy Friday everyone!

I'm so thrilled to introduce you to a wonderful new author, L. Penelope. She has dropped by today to give us a peek at her debut cover of her adult fantasy romance, SONG OF BLOOD AND STONE which releases January 13, 2015

I'm going to invite Leslye back during her release week so you can get to know the author behind the cover. But for now, enjoy checking out the cover, blurb and excerpt. OH...and don't forget to try for the giveaway at the bottom of this post: $40 Gift Card to Amazon, B&N or iTunes (INT)

About the Book:
Between love and duty lies destiny

Orphaned and alone, Jasminda is an outcast in her homeland of Elsira, where she is feared for both the shade of her skin and her magical abilities. When ruthless soldiers seek refuge in her isolated cabin, they bring with them a captive – an injured spy who steals her heart.

Jack’s mission behind enemy lines nearly cost him his life but he is saved by the healing power of a mysterious young woman. Together they embark on a perilous journey straight into the heart of a centuries-old conflict.

Thrust into a hostile society, Jasminda and Jack must rely on one another even as secrets jeopardize their bond. As an ancient evil gains power, Jasminda races to unlock a mystery that promises salvation.

The fates of two nations hang in the balance as Jasminda and Jack must choose between love and duty to fulfill their destinies and end the war.

The cover of Song of Blood and Stone was designed by James T. Egan at Bookfly Design.

Excerpt for Song of Blood and Stone

The Girl Looming above Jack looked like a mirage. She’d marched directly to his hiding place behind a cluster of coarse shrubbery and stood, peering down, head cocked at an angle. He went to stand, years of breeding kicking in, his muscle memory offended at the idea of not standing in the presence of a lady, but apparently, his muscles had forgotten the bullet currently lodged within them. And the girl was Lagrimari—not strictly a lady, but a woman nonetheless—and a beautiful one, he noticed as he squinted into the dying light. Wild, midnight curls floated carelessly around her head and piercing dark eyes regarded him. Her smooth skin was a confectioner’s delight. His stomach growled. When was the last time he’d eaten?

Her presence meant he was still on the Lagrimari side of the mountain range bordering the two lands and had yet to cross the other, more powerful barrier keeping him from his home of Elsira: the Mantle.

The girl frowned down at him, taking in his bedraggled appearance. From his position lying on the ground, he tried his best to smooth his ripped uniform, the green fatigues of the Lagrimari army. Her confusion was apparent. Jack was obviously Elsiran; aside from his skin tone, the ginger hair and honey-colored eyes were a dead giveaway. And yet he wore the uniform of his enemy.

“Please don’t be scared,” he said in Lagrimari. Her brows rose toward her hairline as she scanned his prone and bloodied body. Well, that was rather a ridiculous thing to say. “I only meant that I mean you no harm. I . . .” He struggled with how to explain himself.

There were two possibilities. She could be a nationalist who would turn him in to the squad of soldiers currently combing the mountain for him, perhaps to gain favor with the government, or she could be like so many Lagrimari citizens, beaten down by the war with no real loyalty to their dictator or his thugs. If she was the former, he was already dead, so he took a chance with the truth.

“You see, I was undercover, spying from within the Lagrimari army. But now there are men looking for me, they’re not far, but—” He paused to take a breath; the effort of speaking was draining. He suspected he had several cracked or broken ribs in addition to the gunshot wound. His vision swam, and the girl turned into two. Two beautiful girls. If these were his last moments before traveling to the World After, then perhaps he was not as unlucky as he’d always thought.

He blinked rapidly and took another strained breath. His mission was not complete; he could not die yet. “Can you help me? Please. I’ve got to get back to Elsira.”

She stole an anxious glance skyward before kneeling next to him. Her cool hand moved to his forehead. The simple touch was soothing and a wave of tension rolled off him.

“You must be delirious.” Her voice was rich, deeper than he’d expected. It eased the harsh consonants of the Lagrimari language, for the first time making it sound like something he could imagine being pleasant to listen to. She carefully worked at the remaining buttons of his shirt, pulling the fabric apart to reveal his ruined chest. Her expression was appraising as she viewed the damage then sat back on her haunches, pensive.

“It probably looks worse than it is,” he said.

“I doubt that.”

Jack’s chuckle sounded deranged to his own ears, so it was no surprise that the girl looked at him askance. He winced—laughing was a bad idea at this point—and struggled for breath again. “The soldiers . . . they’re after me. I have to get back through the Mantle.”

“Shh,” she said, digging into her bag. “Hush all that foolishness; you’re not in your right mind. Though I’ll admit, you speak Lagrimari very well. I’m not sure what happened to you, but you should save your strength.”

She retrieved a jar filled with a sweet-smelling substance and began spreading it over his wounds. The constant, throbbing pain eased a notch making it easier for him to breathe.

“What is that?”

“Just a balm. Helps with burns, cuts. Can’t do any more for you right now, but you can’t stay here. Storm’s coming.”

He laid his head back on the ground, closing his eyes to savor the slight reduction in pain. “A quick rest and I’ll be back on my way. Need to keep moving, though. Need to get back.”

She shook her head. “Back through the Mantle?” Her voice was skeptical.
He nodded.

“And away from the Lagrimari soldiers chasing you?”

“Yes.” Her palm met his forehead again. She thought he was delusional. He wished he was. Wished the last few weeks had been nothing but the imaginings of an impaired mind.

“The Seventh Breach ended almost five years ago.” Her voice flowed over him, as cool and comforting as the balm she’d used. “We’ve had peace since then. No way to cross the Mantle from either side.”

He shook his head, aggravating the hole in his upper chest, inches from his heart where an inconvenient bit of metal was still lodged. “There are ways.”
A crunch of boots in the distance set him on alert. He grabbed the girl’s wrist to halt her while he listened. The soldiers were near.

He opened his eyes and looked into her startled ones. “Shh, they’re coming.”

About the Author:

Leslye Penelope has been writing since she could hold a pen and loves getting lost in the worlds in her head. She's a romance junkie who self-medicates with happily-ever-afters and steaming mugs of green tea. She lives in Maryland with her husband, an eighty-pound lap dog, and an attack cat. Visit her online at

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