Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Today I want to share something very special with you. It has taken me three weeks to figure out how to present this post. Instead of over thinking it, I'm just going to tell you what happen.

On Christmas morning, my son selected his gift to me from under the tree, handed it to me, and said, "I thought you might like this. Merry Christmas, Mom."

Under the bright Christmas wrapping was a interesting photo set in a simple black frame. The design wasn't something I recognized. In fact, even though the print was very lovely, and would go nicely on a wall in my home, I wasn't sure why my son decided to give me this particular gift. I gave him a smile and said all the right words a mom says in a situation like this. He then said, "But that's not all of it." He picked up the television remote control, and on Christmas morning, we watched a Youtube video that enriched my life in ways I find hard to express. One thing I'm sure of. I continue to underestimate this young man's heart. In the next five minutes, my belief in the wonder of this universe changed. If ever I doubted that God surrounded us with His beauty, well here is the proof. 

This simple photo wasn't simple at all, but, in my point of view, a small miracle, a true example of the beauty this world has to offer. What I was staring at was not just a photo of a mixture of blues but of a amazing, breathtakingly beautiful, mind blowing high magnification of colored scales of a butterfly wing. 

I didn't even know butterflies had scales.

I can't post my gift here because I may be breaking a copyright law. Instead, I'm posting a similar version, but no where near as impressive, from Wikipedia. You can also see other images here: BUTTERFLY SCALES

The first minute of the 6:33 minute Youtube video caught my attention because I have always been fascinated by butterflies. Half way through the video, I had a new profound respect and love of the beauty that exists in this world. The emotions it brought out in me were overwhelming. I haven't just underestimate my son, but our creator. 

Every day, our lives become more inundated with such ugliness, hatred, selfishness, and cruelty that it blocks out everything else. 

That's not all there is!!!!


If you can find this kind of beauty in a wing of a butterfly, what level of beauty rest inside of all of us? If we just took a few minutes of our day and searched for the good that surrounds us, diminishing the negativity for that short time, can you imagine how our world would change?

It's the beginning of a new year, the natural time for change. My challenge to all my wonderful blog readers is this: 

I dare you to unlock the beauty of your world. 

Seek and you will find. You can unlock the amazing wonders in your world simply by keeping your eyes wide open. I was shocked how often I walked right by completely missing it. So... find a small sample everyday and take a photo or simply write it down on a slip of paper. Store this new jewel in a file. On those days that seem overwhelming, to difficult to stomach, pull out those photos and fill your heart with what really matters. 

I promise to share my photos on occasion. If you would like to share your photos or what you wrote down, just post them in the comment section on this or any future post. If you can't seem to get that to work, send me an email through the CONTACT ME icon above and I'll post it for you.   

Thank you for stopping by today. I pray that this post will encourage you to reach for a better you. Please give it a try.


Nancy C. Weeks


  1. How lovely! Butterflies are one of my favourite things. They're so pretty, and move so lightly through the world. Are you able to post a link to the YouTube video? (Apologies if it's there and I'm not seeing it - my phone does sometimes lose links so I'll try and remember to check on the computer later).

  2. Okay, pretty sure now it's my phone. I'll definitely look on the pc!

  3. Hi Stephanie! Thanks so much for stopping by. I haven't tried to view the youtube video on my phone. Here is the link. Let me know if you can't view. HUGS

  4. What a beautiful post, Nancy, and what a beautiful son you have. Of course he is the reflection of you and your loving upbringing so of course he is sensitive and insightful. When my dog died, a butterfly followed me all around the house for a few days and I was sure it was her spirit in the butterfly letting me know she was free and happy. Now I have a photo of a butterfly instead of the dog on my mantelpiece because that's now how I see her :-)

  5. Hi Joanna,
    What a lovely reminder of the love you still carry. You pet was very lucky to have spent his time with you. I wish I could remember the story, but as a child, I remember reading a children's book about how butterflies fly with the angels. That stuck with me. Maybe there is something to that. Thanks so much for stopping by today. xxoo