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Happy Wednesday!

I want to welcome back to my blog my wonderful friend and author, MJ Schiller. 

MJ has stopped by to tell us about her new release LADY OF THE KNIGHT, the second in the ROMANTIC KNIGHTS TRILOGY. 

Would she betray the man she loves in order to save his life?

LADY OF THE KNIGHT releases on January 27th but it is up for pre-order now for only 99 cents! Upon release, the price will increase to $2.99, so take advantage of this limited time offer. If you love romance and the adventures inherent in space travel, this is the series for you. 

MJ, I think the covers for your this series are just breathtaking!!!

Pre-order link below:

Here is what MJ has to say about her exciting ROMANTIC KNIGHTS TRILOGY....

I am a child of the eighties, so naturally my heart beats a little bit faster when I hear the opening chords of the Star Wars theme song. I was also all in for Star Trek, Buck Rogers, and Battlestar Galactica. I am not enamored by the sci-fi parts of these TV shows and movies, though; it is the romance elements that speak to me. The hero is so much bigger because he fights the unknown, the unexplored parts of the universe. He’s like a cowboy of the clouds, with the appropriate swagger, only change that six-shooter into a blaster rifle or laser sword.

In addition, I’ve recently done a series of blogs exploring the appeal of what I’ve termed the “space scoundrel.” You know him—devilishly handsome, charming, and he hasn't met a rule he hasn't broken. The Bad Boys of Outer Space! Yes, the guys who made you want to shout, “Break the rules for ME, baby!” *sigh* I always fell for them, hook, line, and supersonic sinker! I wasn’t interested in the straight-laced rule following Dr. McCoy from Star Trek, for example. Give me Captain James T. Kirk! No, Luke “IwannafollowinObiwansfootsteps” Skywalker for me. I want the incredibly hot Hans Solo. And on Battlestar Galactica, you can keep your upstanding Apollo and I’ll take Starbuck.

Dirks Benedict could always play the rogue well, whether on the A-Team, or answering to Lorne Greene on  Battlestar Galactica. And just look at the name. It says it all. Star-buck, the Stud of the Stars.

Well, my newest release doesn’t exactly have any space scoundrels in it. Instead it features two noble Knights of the High Order, sworn to defend the just, as defined by the Council of Twelve. 

The first book in the series, LEAP INTO THE KNIGHT, describes these two gents meeting the lovely princess Megan of Bethyea. Maggie and Darius feel an instant connection. Trouble is, Orion is also attracted to the lady. Which leads us to the newest release, Book Two in the ROMANTIC KNIGHTS TRILOGY, LADY OF THE KNIGHT. The play on words is deliberate. Maggie has to decide whether she will betray Darius in order to save him. Save him from what? Well, I guess you’ll just have to read to find out. ;)  

Book One, LEAP INTO THE KNIGHT, is also on sale for 99 cents!

MJ has brought along a blurb for LADY OF THE KNIGHT

Sir Darius Lee is a Knight of the High Order.

But when Darius discovers a stranger in his room in the middle of the night, and the intruder turns out to be a beautiful woman, he begins to question how he is meant to live his life.

Princess Megan of Bethyea is being held captive.

But when two knights help her to escape and bring her back to her home planet, she finds the home she knew no longer exists.

When The Council of Twelve questions Darius about his relationship with Maggie, she tries to flee from The Academy of the High Order to prevent him from losing his knighthood.

Will Darius and Orion find Maggie before she leaves Albion? And if they do, how can they face the decision of The Council? And what about the feelings Orion has developed for the princess?

Here is where you can find more about the wonderful MJ Schiller.~




MJ, thank you so much for stopping by and telling us about your new release. If anyone has any questions for either MJ or myself, please just clink on the pencil below. We love to interact with our readers. MJ left behind a question for all of us. 

QUESTION TO READERS:  What is your favorite favorite sci-fi shows or books? AND...what character makes you weak in the knees? Go on---tell us. We all have our favorites!!!!

Have a wonderful day and be nice to one another. 

Hugs to all,

Nancy C. Weeks 


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