Thursday, April 2, 2015


Happy Thursday, Everyone!!

So we're moving on to the letter B in my A to Z Blogging Challenge. I'm going say up front that I struggled with this letter because I don't want to come off preachy or worse, self-righteous.

Here is a little unknown fact about me. I hate the news. News depresses me and that's a hard thing to do – depress me, that is. For hours, sometimes days later, I am still running through those stories and asking why it has to be like this?

I'm about to date myself but Anne Murray's song A Little Good News Today expresses how I feel perfectly! Take a listen...

My sweet mom use to say that so many of the problems we face everyday could be solved if we all just try to be a better person. I guess it's not really a better person but more the better person. If we just stop, take a step back before we let those hateful words spill from our mouths; if we stop shoveling out the anger that sometimes boils up inside of us and take a few moments to calm down; if we could just not allow our spiraling emotions to rule our hearts; if we could just shake all hate-related thoughts from our heads and not allow them to rule and ruin our different our experiences could be.

My favorite quote of all time is:

Holy Bible John 13:34 New King James Version

A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another.  

These few words ask that we all do one thing: treat each other the way we want to be treated. It sounds so very simple, such an easy solution. Why is it so hard? 

I want to challenge you----I'll take the challenge myself. Spend the next twenty-four hours trying to be that better person---more compassionate, less angry, less frustrated, less impatient, more forgiving, more uplifting, more others-centered instead of self-centered than you were yesterday. 

Come back and leave a comment about how it worked out. Changing the way you deal with the people in your life for such a short period of time may not change the world. But did it may change your world? I'll bet you a chapter in my new book that it improves the impact you have on someone - maybe even you!

Have a great day and be nice to one another.

Hugs to all,

Nancy C. Weeks



  1. Great post! It's very hard to be the better person, but I try my best to be understanding of others' circumstances...the "jerk" who pulls over and blocks your driveway might be trying not to text and drive, for example. Sometimes a good, deep breath is all that's needed--things aren't as big of a deal as we make them out to be. :-)

  2. So true, Sarah! We never know what someone else is going through. Thinking before I act is a constant challenge because I run on my emotions. Just because I feel something doesn't mean I have to act on that feeling--and the same is true with words. There have been times when I wish I was more 'Spock' like. Thanks so much for stopping by today. HUGS!!

  3. Well said, Nancy. People tend to look for the worst in others and don't take time to realize they aren't perfect either. If we all try a little harder to be nicer, that would be a good thing.

  4. I take your challenge, Nancy! It might be hard though.

  5. Agreed, the deep breath is a must for undertaking this. Thanks for the great reminder to stop and try. Lovely post, nancy!

  6. Paula Kaye, that is awesome! I can't wait to see how it works out. Susanne, I will never understand why we jump to the negative before the positive. I'm guilty of that and have to stop myself. Laurel, deep breaths help. Not sure why but they do. Thanks ladies for dropping by and taking the time to comment.