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Susanne Matthews had dropped by today to share the next book in her Harvester Series, THE WHITE LILY. If you missed the showcase of the first book in the series, you can read all about it here: THE WHITE CARNATION.

Here is what reviewers are saying about THE WHITE LILY

  • Susanne Matthews delivers again with this newest addition, The White Lily. OMG...
"Lilith Munroe is an FBI profiler brought in to the Harvester case, one that wasn't supposed to be on her radar. After experiencing FFOW, she's buried herself in Quantico, forgetting how to be alive. Unwillingly pulled into the Harvester case, she meets Jacob Andrews, an Australian miner and vintner who comes looking for his sister. Little does he know, he's too late.

As he's drawn into the Harvester case, the two come to be friends.... and maybe more.

Susanne Matthews knows how to write a romantic suspense. I'm waiting patiently for the next!

Five out of five fairy kisses for this reader."
  • Another Five Star Read from Ms. Matthews!

"It's no secret that I adore Susanne Matthew's romantic suspenses. She's pretty amazing at writing a tale that keeps you engaged and turning the pages, needing to know what's coming next and how this could possibly end. I have to say, she did it again with The White Lily.
Lily is an amazing female character. She's strong in a quiet way because she's had to be. She's got a love for nice shoes, even if it is a way to manage her stress an anxiety. Suffering from PTSD and trying to move forward in life from the horrible experience she suffered at the hands of a sadistic member of a cult she had infiltrated when she was just a young, new agent. Jacob, on the other hand, is determined, fascinating, and relentless.He knows what he wants and he's not afraid to admit the mistakes of his past to help correct the wrongs being done and help the people who need it.

Like I said, amazing.

This cult keeps getting crazier and crazier. I love Matthews' mind. I want to climb inside just to know what's going to happen in the next book, The White Iris. I would say The White Lily had a touch more suspense than romance, but it worked really well.

I need the next book. Now."

Here is the blurb for THE WHITE LILY by Susanne Matthews:

The Harvester is out there … watching, waiting, biding his time.

FBI cult specialist Lilith Munroe lives in dread that one day the man who tortured her when a case went bad will find her again. So leaving her sanctuary in Quantico to join the Harvester Task Force in Boston is her version of hell. But the Harvester is kidnapping babies, and Lilith’s profiling skills may mean the difference between life and death for the most innocent in society.

Australian millionaire and former member of the New Horizon commune Jacob Andrews returns to the United States searching for his sister. Instead of the happy reunion he expects, he discovers she is dead and his twin brother may be responsible. He agrees to lend his law enforcement skills to help find his former cult leader before the man can implement his plan to kill millions.

Now uneasy partners, Jacob and Lilith must learn to trust each other even as they fight their growing attraction. But when Lilith’s greatest fears materialize, will Jacob be able to set aside his anger and save the woman he loves?
Susanne has left an excerpt with me. Enjoy!

“That must have been awful for her, for all of you.” Lilith said.
“It doesn’t matter now. Dying was probably the only way out Mom had. From that day on, Eloise’s life was hell. The other kids in the commune, including my cousins, made fun of her and said the burn was Satan’s mark on her—something they’d heard my uncle say—but when I was around they left her alone. When I confronted my uncle about that and other things, I ended up in the desert.”
He closed his eyes, seeing a tearful Eloise held back by her aunt as he was led out to be disciplined.
“Leaving my brothers and sisters wasn’t easy, but I figured Jimmy would step into the breach and protect Eloise. They’d always been close. The conversation with that boy got me thinking that maybe she’d somehow escaped from the commune, and I decided to look for her.”
“My God, knowing what her life was like, how could you do it? How could you walk away from that poor child and leave her there for eighteen years? And when you decided to look for her, you waited again. Why?”
The implication that if he’d come sooner he might’ve saved Eloise was clear.
“Because I was an angry, seventeen-year-old bastard who’d almost died, and I was too damn scared to go back,” he said through gritted teeth. “Don’t judge me, Agent Munroe. Until you’ve been brutalized as I was, you don’t have the right to.”
Her face paled, no doubt stunned by the viciousness of his attack, but he didn’t care. No one could possibly hate him as much at the moment as he hated himself.
“As for coming after her a few months ago, fate conspired against us. Andrew had a heart attack, and I made the choice to stay with him, a decision I refuse to regret. I hired a private investigator in Boston to find the girl with the tattoo. He found her right away, in mid-June. When I saw the picture, I knew it was my sister. She looks—I mean looked—like my mother. The PI arranged for me to contact her. She told me James had taken her to get that tattoo on her sixteenth birthday.”
“How did Eloise feel about seeing you again?” Her voice had lost its warmth, and her eyes were cold.
“She was surprised, but excited when I told her I wanted to bring her to Australia to live with me. She was worried about what might happen if my uncle discovered I’d survived and that she was planning to leave the States. I gathered from what she’d said that New Horizon had changed and not for the better. Through the man who’d found her, I made arrangements for her to get a passport and a ticket to Sydney.”
Now for the best part. Here is where you get your copy of THE WHITE LILY 

Susanne Matthews: About the author:

Susanne Matthews was born and raised in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada. She’s always been an avid reader of all types of books, but with a penchant for happily ever after romances. In her imagination, she travelled to foreign lands, past and present, and soared into the future. A retired educator, Susanne spends her time writing and creating adventures for her readers. She loves the ins and outs of romance, and the complex journey it takes to get from the first word to the last period of a novel. As she writes, her characters take on a life of their own, and she shares their fears and agonies on the road to self-discovery and love.

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Susanne, I wish you fantastic sales. THE WHITE LILY is going on my To Be Read list and I can't wait to dig into Lilith and Jacob's story. Thank you for taking the time out of your hectic release week to drop in for a visit. To my dear readers, if you have any question for Suzanne about her writing career or her new release, THE WHITE LILYplease don't be shy. You can leave her a comment below by clicking the little pencil icon. 

Until next time, take care of yourself, and as always, be kind to one another.

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