Saturday, November 14, 2015


To the people of France,

You have my heart! I pray for peace and justice. This evil will not be tolerated.

Monday, November 9, 2015



What if Cinderella ditched the prince's ball and sent her fairy godmother to find love in her place?

Suppose a streetwise hero hired to steal an all-powerful Genie (stuck in a flash drive rather than a brass lamp) for a tech company ended up running for his life with the CEO's gorgeous, intelligent daughter?

Or what if the bed that a certain golden-tressed girl accidentally napped in belonged to the hot and famous middle brother of a notorious boy band?

Can you envision the sparks that might fly if a bitter and downright beastly wheelchair-bound woman propositioned a handsome bookseller to stay with her in exchange for her rare book collection?

This spellbinding anthology features modern and sexy spins on four classic fairy tales that will enchant you by Jennifer DeCuir, Stephanie Cage, Andrea R. Cooper, and Nancy C. Weeks.

I hope you enjoy His One Wish as much as I enjoyed writing it. The other three stories, A Late Blooming Rose, Music of the Heart, and Fairy Trouble, are adorable stories! 

Hugs to all!

Nancy C. Weeks

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Eva Mitchum Interviews Her Author

Hello everyone!

I'd like to welcome guest blogger Eva Mitchum to my blog.  Eva is the heroin in A Late-Blooming Rose by Jennifer Decuir. A Late-Blooming Rose is the first novella in the Modern Magic anthology to be released in two days.
Eva, I  loved reading your heart warming happy ever after. I think my readers are really going to enjoy the twist on the popular fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast, you are featured in.  My blog space yours.


Welcome readers. I’d like to introduce you to my creator (Oh, way to give her a swelled ego right from the start!), Jennifer DeCuir.

Jennifer DeCuir

Ms. DeCuir, may I call you that? Or maybe Mother or...what was it that Frankenstein’s monster called him? Well, you did place me in the role of ‘Beast’… I digress. Why don’t you start by telling us what made you answer the submission call when Crimson asked for a ‘twisted’ fairy tale?

Thank you, Eva. I actually had no intention of submitting a story to this collection. I was in the middle of getting my latest Scallop Shores novel ready for release and the submission deadline was three weeks away. But my muse started whispering in my ear, “You should totally do this!” I tried to ignore her, so eventually she was shouting. And that’s how I ended up writing a story in three weeks – definitely NOT my usual speed.

So let’s discuss this particular ‘twist’. You wrote a version of Beauty and the Beast, except that beauty IS the beast. Couldn’t you have made Beau, the hero of your story, a werewolf or something? What was behind this decision?

Technically, Eva, I switched the roles around. Beau is the beauty, in this case. No offense. I thought ‘What would the readers least expect?’ and that’s what I did. I could have written you disfigured, but again, I imagine that is what people would expect of a modern day retelling. So I had to switch things up. You’re bitter and hurt because you’ve lost everyone you’ve ever loved. And then on top of that, you’ve lost the use of your legs. That loss of independence, of having to completely change the way you live your life, without someone to care about you, it’s easy to lose hope, and…um…patience.

I may have been a tad cranky. Tell us about the priceless first edition Edgar Rice Burroughs collection. Any reason you chose that author?

Three reasons, actually. First, I googled (or rather ‘bing’d – hubby works for Microsoft) first editions to see what would have brought in big money. When I saw Edgar Rice Burroughs, I got excited. I used to live in Tarzana, CA – that was founded on what used to be a huge ranch, owned by Edgar Rice Burroughs. My grandfather-in-law (that’s a mouthful!) was an artist and he designed a few book covers for…you guessed it – Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Thank you for spending some time talking with me about how A Late-Blooming Rose came to be. I can’t wait to tell Beau that you called him the Beauty. *cough* Pretty Boy *cough*

Eva, play nice…