Saturday, May 6, 2017


One reason why I love blogging is this platform gives me an outlet for what really matters to me. This post isn’t about Nancy C. Weeks, the author, but just Nancy.

I turned on the news early this morning then immediately turned it off. I then went on to Facebook to see what was going on there, and closed that. There are moments when it feels as if hate/obsession/injustice rules us all, and there isn’t a kind soul amongst us. My sweet mom would say that is how evil manifests itself into our lives, making us believe that love/compassion/forgiveness have no power. I'm here today to remind you that love will always overpower hate, goodness will always overpower evil, and there is hope for a better tomorrow for all of us. Pope Frances expresses it so much more eloquently than I ever could.

“A tiny flicker of light that feeds on hope is enough to shatter the shield of darkness. A single individual is enough for hope to exist, and that individual can be you. And then there can be another you, then another you and it turns into us.”
His Holiness, Pope Francis
Ted Talk April 2017

This is me paying attention. I will do everything I can to preserve the beauty of our world. I'm empowered to be the woman who is comfortable in her own skin, who recognizes the best in everyone, who cares about her neighbor regardless of the color of their skin, who they pray to or who they choose to love, and always has a smile to share. I refuse to be powerless, I have a voice. "Hope is the key." We are all unique, we all have good in us, and we can change our world. 

Hugs to all,

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