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I went searching for the people who needed a voice. I wanted to give them a voice.

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all had a great week. I spend my week hiding out in my writer's cave [kitchen table] enjoying the process of beginning a new novel, my ninth. The first few chapters are always the hardest part of the book, but I'm in my happy place.

Today, I'm thrilled to showcase a first-timer on my blog, Bethany-Kris, author of Loyalty and Disgrace

Bethany says below that she's 'boring as hell' in real life. Ladies and Gents, that so untrue. My head spins with what Bethany can do with her few free hours a day. 

Bethany-Kris, I can't thank you enough for sitting down today with us. To start off this interview, tell us a little about yourself--the real woman behind the writer and how came to write Loyalty and Disgrace?

Hi, Nancy. Thanks for having me!

I always find these bits in interviews come off the same when I answer, and so I will try to do something different this time. So, I am a mother of four young boys which means I don’t do anything without someone needing me, wanting something, or climbing up my legs. I have three dogs, one cat, and a hubby. I’m boring as hell in real life because well, I don’t have a life beyond writing and my kiddos.

That’s the way I like it.

I have lived an interesting life before all of this, but that’s another story for another day.

The John + Siena duet was a set of books that I have been waiting to write ever since Johnathan was born to a character (Lucian) in one of my earlier works (Filthy Marcellos: Lucian). Mind you, it’s not required for you to read the Marcellos series—I simply have a habit of refusing to let go of my characters, and letting them have their own big world and life. I continue them on as standalone series or novels, and that’s what happened with John. I knew he was different and special due to his own set of circumstances, and I really just wanted to put him down on paper. That’s how those two books were born.

Bethany, I'm the same way with my own characters. I just can't let them go and have to write their stories--because they won't allow me a good night's sleep if I ignore them for too long. 
I'm sure a lot of people ask you how you manage to get so much writing done with four young boys, but do you think your boys (or being a mother of all boys) have shaped the way you write in any way?

It has—a lot, actually. There seems to be this trend in romance where men are getting labeled as heroes who have literally no business being called a hero. Sure, authors can slap the pretty dark romance tag on it and think they’re safe, but I call garbage on that kind of thing. I write my heroes the way I want my sons to be, and how I am trying to raise them.

As good men. And sure, my heroes tend to fall on the gray side of life—not entirely good people, but not the villains, either—but at the end of the day, they are good men who love their wives, and treat their children well. They protect their family, and honor it.

That’s how my sons have influenced the way I write.

My daughter has a very small tattoo on her wrist that says simply, WORDS. As authors, our words have an unique power to drive change. Your sons are very lucky to you in their lives...just saying. 
When did you realize you wanted to be a writer? 

I was nineteen, had my first son, and was battling severe post-partum depression. I woke up one day, and needed an outlet for everything that was going on inside my head. And that was sort of how this was born for me. I just went from there. 

That's an incredible accomplishment, taking something so debilitating and turning into something very positive. Do you believe writers are born or made?

Maybe a bit of both, depending on what the situation is. I think anyone can learn this craft, but I think only a very select few can actually be amazing at it. Anyone can learn how to string sentences together that seem interesting. It’s why there’s so many I wanna be a writer types on social media, but then you notice in two or three years that they’re still proclaiming I wanna be a writer.

Because while someone can learn this craft, it still takes a hell of a lot of talent. Someone needs to be able to consistently tell good stories, and be a good storyteller.

Not everyone can do that. But anyone can learn to spell. 

How do you think your life experiences have prepared you for a writing career?

Ha. This one is actually pretty good for me. Uh, so I write in a very niche sub-genre of romance being that I write about heroes and heroines involved in organized crime (pretty much all organized crime except biker’s clubs, and you’ll find out why in a hot minute). A lot of people think my interest in this sub-genre is just because I enjoy it.

And sure, that’s partly the case. Not the whole case, though.

I grew up with a mother who was heavily involved in different things (one of which being the largest motorcycle gang in Canada) that might make other people wary—definitely wasn’t on the right side of the law. And that sort of sparked my … interest, maybe? I’m not sure if interest is the right word as much as just the fact I already had a base knowledge about something, and I enjoyed writing about people who lived in the gray areas of society. The John + Siena Duet (Loyalty; Disgrace) deals with a hero battling mental illness as John is bipolar. 

Is there a reason why you chose to take this route with him/the book?

I’ve been focusing a lot on mental health in my latest works—sometimes I will go back to these heavy topics for a spell, and then I move onto something lighter. Right now, that’s sort of where I am in that I just wanted to shed some light and give attention to things that people are battling with be it a rape victim, depression, or even bipolar.

It’s real life, and I know I write fiction, but I don’t want it to feel like that.

Your books touch such an emotional cord because you write about real people, real life issues, and I have no doubt your readers easily identify with your characters. What was the research involved for these books/John/his relationships?

A lot of reading up on real life accounts from people specifically suffering with bipolar—I wasn’t exactly interested in reading from people around those who are bipolar when they’re not the ones living with the disorder, or seeing life how a bipolar person does.

My mother is bipolar. My step-sister is bipolar.
I also had a sensitivity reader who is bipolar for the duet.
I already had lived twenty-eight years watching relationships be made or broken because of this disorder, or the stigma surrounding it, so I wasn’t looking for the perspective of someone on the outside looking in.
I went searching for the people who needed a voice.
I wanted to give them a voice.

Bethany, that can't be easy. I hope you know that by bringing these difficult and misunderstood topics to the forefront, you become an instrument of positive change. Good for you!!
Here is an easy, and lighthearted question for you. What is your ideal writing space?


Literally anywhere.

Yup, me too. But there are some beautiful spots on this earth I sure wouldn't mind setting up my laptop and staring into while I come up with the next scene. What moment in this journey are you most proud of?

I have a few, actually.
When I self-published my first book.
When I made enough money consistently for three years in a row to say, yep, I’m doing the thing.
When a reader sends me chocolates because I wrote a character like her, and gave her a voice.
When someone messages me just to say, me, too.
And while I haven’t hit it yet, but I am very close, when I publish my fiftieth title. My goal is one-hundred to this penname. Preferably within the next decade.

Wow, that me too must feel amazing. readers haven't sent me chocolate---hint...hint...hint...

Now for a few giggles.
There is someone you will never meet but whom you desperately need for them to know who you are. The only way to communicate with them is to send them a box with three items. What would those three ideas be?

My address. A pen. A paper. The written word is lost for communication. 

You’re going into battle. What are you writing, who are you fighting and what is your weapon?

A dragon shifters battle scene (gonna get back to those dragons someday; I swear it). Battling a rival clan. And I am my own weapon.

Awesome! I love, "And I am my own weapon." Write a love story in eight words.

For a breath, time stopped; because she smiled.

My heart just skipped. Now seriously, how can someone be 'boring as hell' who can right that sentence? 
If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

You were wrong.  

LOL! I have so many questions---but I'll let it rest for now. So, what is up next for you?

Lots of words! All the words, haha.
Standalones this summer, and the Andino + Haven duet in the fall that a lot of my readers are waiting for.
All the words.

And I wish you all the luck with those words even though you don't need luck. You have talent! 

Where can readers find out more about your book and yourself?

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It was a pleasure hosting you today, Bethany. I loved getting to know you better, and I'm so impressed with your compassion and dedication in your writing. Please come back this fall and tell us about Andino + Haven duet.
That's it for today. If you have any questions for Bethany-Kis or me, please don't be shy. As always, if you have trouble posting in comments below, email me at and I'll post it for you. 
Enjoy your weekend. Please take a break in your busy life and read a great book.

Hugs to all,
Nancy C. Weeks

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