Wednesday, February 27, 2019


Hello Everyone!!

I hope this new year is treating you well. I'm so proud to announce the re-release of HIS ONE WISH.  It's up on Amazon for Pre-Order. RELEASE DAY: MARCH 25TH.

Meet Aiden Cooper and Jazlin Morgan...


His One Wish Blurb

True worth comes from within…

Aiden Cooper loved being a Marine, but an explosion ripped that world to shreds, leaving him adrift without purpose.  When a contract to locate a missing high tech prototype appears out of thin air, he decides to take it despite the shady details. How much trouble could a palm size codebreaker cause?

Jazlin Morgan has been groomed from childhood to run Turhan Technologies, but she has another dream. However, when her father collapses into a coma from a poison with no known antidote, Jazlin steps into the CEO role with a vengeance. As she struggles to save her father’s company, she must confront whether she is the root of the chaos that has befallen it.  

For Aiden, locating the “Genie” is easy. Separating the job from the enigma that is Jazlin Morgan could destroy him. 

Jazlin can’t protect Turhan and her father by herself. Can she trust a stranger who is hiding his identity, but can’t seem to veil his heart? Or is he the real threat?

As competing desires tear their worlds apart, whose wishes will come true?

And once revealed, it will set the heart free.

Heat level: Sensual

*This is the re-release of His One Wish. It was previously published in anthology, Modern Magic by Crimson Romance. 

I hope you grab your copy today. It's a fast, exciting and fun read. I'll be back with an exclusive except, so stay tuned. 

As always, I hope you find the time to relax and read a great book. Be kind to each other.

Hugs to all,
Nancy C. Weeks