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Happy Monday, Everyone!

I'm so proud to announce that my novella, HIS ONE WISH, is now live on Amazon only.  This is my first release for 2019. If all works well, I will go through this crazy excitement three more times this year. 

I know my new cover is all over my blog, but here it is again. One more time....because it's RELEASE DAY!!!



HIS ONE WISH is exclusively on Amazon. I did that for a reason. I wanted all my readers who are part of Kindle Unlimited to have a chance to get this book for free. If you are not a KU subscriber, it's only $2.99. 


True worth comes from within…

Aiden Cooper loved being a Marine, but an explosion ripped that world to shreds, leaving him adrift without purpose.  When a contract to locate a missing high tech prototype appears out of thin air, he decides to take it despite the shady details. How much trouble could a palm size codebreaker cause?

Jazlin Morgan has been groomed from childhood to run Turhan Technologies, but she has another dream. However, when her father collapses into a coma from a poison with no known antidote, Jazlin steps into the CEO role with a vengeance. As she struggles to save her father’s company, she must confront whether she is the root of the chaos that has befallen it. 

For Aiden, locating the “Genie” is easy. Separating the job from the enigma that is Jazlin Morgan could destroy him. 

Jazlin can’t protect Turhan and her father by herself. Can she trust a stranger who is hiding his identity, but can’t seem to veil his heart? Or is he the real threat?

As competing desires tear their worlds apart, whose wishes will come true?

And once revealed, it will set the heart free.

A modern day fairytale retelling.
Heat level: Sensual

*** This is the re-release of HIS ONE WISH. It was previously published in anthology, Modern Magic by Crimson Romance.


Chapter One

No matter how hard he planned and sacrificed, life still came from behind and kicked him in the ass. Aiden Cooper leaned his back against the wet brick and used the greasy dumpster as cover. “No job is worth this shit.”

Damn it to hell, he deserved a good ass-kicking. He could’ve been sitting, warm and clean, with his feet resting on a desk and a damn good annual salary resting in his bank account. Instead, he was wet to the bone and miserable, because he had too much pride to accept what he considered a pity offer.

It was honest work, moron, unlike whatever the hell this is.

The pungent stench of rotting vegetables made him gag as every instinct his training had drilled into him shot to the surface, awakening his senses for the first time in several months. The musky hint of wet dog hit him seconds before the black Labrador squeezed between his legs and the wall.

“You really don’t understand the word ‘stay,’ do you, Karo?” he whispered as his fingers gently scratched behind the dog’s drenched ear. “Just how did you manage to get out this time?”

He had secured his apartment door, but Karo somehow found a way to follow him. Then again, Aiden never stayed put, either. He had run free like a street rat for the first seventeen years of his life in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Baltimore. The military had given him a much-needed ten-year lesson in order and discipline after his unruly beginnings—that is, until fate decided to blow his left hand and forearm to pieces. The Marines had no use for a one-handed soldier and tossed him right back to the one place he never wished to return.
A dark limo pulled onto the side street and double-parked in front of the alley. The pretentious vehicle didn’t belong in the low-class Baltimore neighborhood. But what waited patiently behind the tinted glass of the limo was Aiden’s chance at a new beginning.

The deep, throaty growl from his only true friend bounced against the walls of the tight space. Without giving away his position, he rested his hands on Karo’s head.

“I know. This is a new low, even for me.”

The plan was simple. One job, one payoff, and he and Karo could get the hell out of this stinking city. Some big shot from Turhan Technologies needed the best in the recon business. When Aiden completed the assignment, he would have earned more money in one night than he did standing behind a mall security desk in a year.

His army buddy had promised him the assignment was on the up and up, nothing illegal. It wasn’t stealing, not really. Turhan Technologies had funded this project, paid the quantum physicist good money to design some special prototype. And the nitwit kid had walked off with it. Aiden didn’t have a clue what the stolen device did. His job was to collect it and return it to Turhan’s vice president.

Squaring his shoulders, he stepped out of the shadows. A sense of unease slithered down his spine, and the feeling had nothing to do with the dampness in the air. He was being watched, but he couldn’t detect from where.

Aiden approached the vehicle and gripped the passenger-side door handle, but it was locked. The tinted window rolled halfway down and came to a stop.

“Are you Cooper?” A deep voice resonated from the darkened interior of the limo.


The man’s features were partially hidden, but Aiden recognized the deep slant in his thick eyebrows, his chiseled cheekbones, square jaw, and dark, thick head of hair. Malcolm Morgan, Turhan’s vice president and chief technology officer, was everything Aiden wasn’t. Rich. Powerful. Ruthless. The Baltimore Sun painted him as a gifted philanthropist, a man willing to put his expertise behind any project that would keep Baltimore booming. His latest project was reconstructing his brother’s company so it could once again compete in the global market. Aiden had just read about it in the paper that morning.

Morgan stuck his hand out the window and handed Aiden a folded sheet of paper with a key taped on the outside. “Everything you need is here. Call the cell phone number when you have my merchandise.”

The window slowly rose. Aiden slammed the paper against the glass. “And my payment?”

Friday, March 15, 2019


Hi Everyone!

I'm handing my blog over to the lovely, Alexia Adams today. Alexia is sitting down with her hero from her new release, Thailand with the Tycoon, Caleb Doyle. I can't wait to read Thailand with the Tycoon and meet Malee ... and Steve. Enjoy!

Alexia Adams...

Hi, I’m Alexia, author of Thailand with the Tycoon. I got to know Caleb Doyle, the hero of that story pretty well when writing the book. Caleb’s an adrenaline junkie, an easy-going guy, a good friend, but distant from his family. He’s wealthy but hasn’t let that go to his head. All round he’s someone you’d like to have a few beers (or whiskeys) with but wouldn’t really expect to settle down and commit to a long-term relationship. Or so we thought… Let’s see if we can learn any secrets today.

Alexia:       Thanks for agreeing to chat with us, Caleb. Are you ready for some difficult questions?

Caleb:       Absolutely. Should I have brought my climbing ropes?

Alexia:       Probably, but it’s too late now. First question: You’re a new addition to a crayon box. What color would you be and why?

Caleb:       I’d be a yellowy-orange, something bright and electric, full of energy. Plus, nothing rhymes with orange and I like to be individual. I’d call myself yellnge. Which would also be unique because no one would know exactly how to pronounce it.

Alexia:       It worries me that you didn’t take any time at all to answer that question. Clearly, it’s something you’ve thought about before, although I have no idea why.

Caleb:       Before I met Malee, I used to spend a lot of time dangling from the side of a mountain. Really frees up the mind to explore out of the box, or in this case, inside the box, questions.

Alexia:       All right. Have you thought about this one: How many Taylor Swift songs do you know the lyrics to?

Caleb:       Just one, Blank Space. I believe she wrote that about me.

Alexia:       I can see how you would think that. Okay, now that we’ve broken the ice, on to the real questions. What’s your favorite 90s jam?

Caleb:       Blueberry.

Alexia:       *sigh* Always the funny guy. Okay, next question: If someone gave you an elephant and you couldn’t sell or give it away, what would you do with it?

Caleb:       Wait. You’re responsible for the elephant, aren’t you?

Alexia:       *shifts in her seat, looks away* I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Caleb:       The elephant that adopted Malee and me. Did you set that up?

Alexia:       Perhaps you could be more specific. I’m an author, there are a lot of elephants in my brain.

Caleb:       You know the one. Malee called him Steve. He’s big, and gray. An Asian elephant if that makes a difference. We came back from exploring the area when we were stranded and he was waiting for us at Destiny Resort. If that was your doing…well…thanks for nothing.

Alexia:       You have a problem with Steve?

Caleb:       He’s annoying. And has terrible timing.

Alexia:       (Having perfected her innocent look from her four children who would never admit to drawing on the wall with crayon) How so?

Caleb:       Whenever I try to kiss Malee, Steve gets in the way.

Alexia:       I can see how that would frustrate you. What did you do about the situation?

Caleb:       What could I do? He’s a giant elephant. And you put him there.

Alexia:       This interview seems to have got off track. Back to my prepared questions.

Caleb:       No, I think we’re done. I have an elephant to feed. And clean up after. Do you know how much poop comes out of an elephant? You couldn’t just have put a cat in the story, could you. It had to be an elephant. *storms out of interview*

Alexia:       *shrugs* What can I say? The book is set in Thailand. They have elephants. Everyone loves elephants. Except, it seems Caleb. Although he did pay someone to feed Steve and has hired a caretaker for when he and Malee aren’t in Thailand. So, I guess what we learned today is that deep down, Caleb loves elephants.

Find out the whole story in Thailand with the Tycoon.

And a special thanks to Nancy for hosting us today and giving Caleb a chance to air his grievances.

Alexia, it was my pleasure. I love character interviews. If you missed Alexia Adams's author interview, you can find it HERE.

That's it for today. I hope you have a great weekend and find a few stolen moments to read a wonderful book. 

Hugs to all, 
Nancy C. Weeks

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"She let him in, and he stayed forever."

Happy Monday, Everyone!

I would like to introduce you to a wonderful author, Katie Kenyhercz. This is Katie's first visit to my blog and I'm thrilled to have her. 

Katie, thank you for sitting down today with us. To start off this interview, tell us a little about yourself--the real Katie behind the writer.

When I’m not writing, I’m a college English teacher. I love painting and walking in the park, and I have a fluffy, grumpy cat named Motley.

I would love to see your paintings. Maybe next visit you can give us a peek of that side of your life, and of course, you can bring Motley too. I love moody cats.  Can you tell us a little something about Vegas Girl and how you came to write it?

Vegas Girl is book 2 in my Lady Sinners series, a spinoff from my original Las Vegas Sinners hockey romance series. The Lady Sinners are the dance team for the Las Vegas Sinners. To gain respect, they form a community hockey team and play in an intramural league. The series shows the women finding their way in life, love, and hockey.

I fell in love with On the Fly (Las Vegas Sinners Series Book 1)'s free everywhere books are sold! 
I have to admit, before reading On the Fly, I wasn't much of a hockey fan. But Katie, your book brought hockey alive to me in a big way. Along with reading the series, I started following my local team, The Washington Capitals, then they went and won the Stanley Cup! So thanks for that.

Here is a look at the cover of Vegas Girl and the blurb. You can get your own copy HERE.
Melody Hanson was born to be a professional dancer and she’s so close to achieving it. But when her best friend Miranda leaves their intramural hockey team and the dance team captaincies to Mel, it’s an honor. It’s also a ton more responsibility right before she’s set to graduate with her dream job. She can juggle everything for half a season, right? It might have been possible if Miranda’s older brother hadn’t taken over coaching their hockey team, reigniting the major crush Melody’s had on him for as long as she can remember. They’d always been star-crossed, but now those stars are aligning. Following her heart and her dream had always been the same path. Until now.

Spencer Evans breathes hockey. Assistant coaching for UNLV’s Aces has been fulfilling, but the head coach spot is opening up, and it’s his. If he can get a little outside experience first. When the Lady Sinners offer him that chance, he can’t say no, especially not when his little sister Miranda begs him to save her team. It’s not ideal, but along with the experience, it also puts him in daily contact with Melody, the girl he’d spent the better part of his teen years secretly in love with. The more he’s with her, the stronger the sparks until a full-out fire blazes between them hot enough to melt the ice. But she’s about to graduate and leave Las Vegas—and him—in the dust. Asking her to stay would mean asking her to give up her dream, but he’s not about to give up on her.

Completing a book is an enormous challenge. What was your biggest obstacle and how did you overcome it? In other words, what do you think drove you to complete this enormous project? 

Writing this book was a little different because when I started, there were only a few months until my husband left for a six-month deployment—our first ever. I was so nervous and upset I couldn’t write at all. After he left, the muse still wasn’t there. I started my teaching semester and got sidetracked. It wasn’t until the December school break that I buckled down and wrote every single day. I finished my last editing pass right before he came home!

Life has a way of getting in our way, driving the muse into a quiet corner. I'm so happy your sweet hubby home. He must be so proud of you. 
When did you realize you wanted to be a writer?

Writing has been something I loved to do since I was twelve years old. I started with fan fiction and worked my way up to original stories. I’d say I was in my early twenties when I knew I wanted to be published.

Do you believe writers are born or made?

Both! Most writers I know have come by it naturally. They can’t remember a time they weren’t writing something. Some people just have a tendency toward it, and I fall in that category. It was always my best subject and the one I enjoyed most. That said, anyone can improve with practice and by learning from their favorite writers as well as a good editor! But I do think most writers are born.

I agree. My earliest memories I had stories running loose in my head. I dreamed of being an author and having my book on the shelf next to my favorite authors. It took me a long time to actually do something about that dream. How do you think your life experiences have prepared you for a writing career?

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Professional Writing and Editing, a Master’s in English, and a Master’s of Fine Arts in Writing Popular Fiction. The course of my education has prepared me as well as one can be! The connections I’ve made along the way have also made an enormous difference. I’m better for knowing every single writer friend I’ve met over the last eight years.

I would say your advance education gave you a great advance. I bet your editors love you. I think I give my editor nightmares. LOL! Tell us a little about your ideal writing space?

A sunroom with a desk! Or a covered porch on a nice day. I need sunlight.

OH yes! That is lovely. I believe fresh air clears the cobwebs from my brain, giving way to suspenseful, heartwarming stories. Winter of 2019 can't leave fast enough. 
So what would you say is the moment in this journey you are most proud?

In 2017, I made the USA Today Bestseller’s list in a hockey romance anthology!

Congratulations. That is an incredible accomplishment and so well deserved. Now for a few giggles. Can you write a love story in eight words?

She let him in, and he stayed forever.

Beautiful, and so romantic. If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

Nice job.

That's my wish too. What is up next for you?

Lady Sinners Book 3, Vegas Vixen!

Where can readers find out more about your book and yourself?


That's it for today. If anyone has a problem leaving a comment for Katie Kenyhercz, please send me an email at or use the CONTACT ME icon above. I'll post it for you. 

I hope everyone can find a couple hours to relax and read a great book.

Hugs to all,

Nancy C. Weeks