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I'm handing my blog over to the lovely, Alexia Adams today. Alexia is sitting down with her hero from her new release, Thailand with the Tycoon, Caleb Doyle. I can't wait to read Thailand with the Tycoon and meet Malee ... and Steve. Enjoy!

Alexia Adams...

Hi, I’m Alexia, author of Thailand with the Tycoon. I got to know Caleb Doyle, the hero of that story pretty well when writing the book. Caleb’s an adrenaline junkie, an easy-going guy, a good friend, but distant from his family. He’s wealthy but hasn’t let that go to his head. All round he’s someone you’d like to have a few beers (or whiskeys) with but wouldn’t really expect to settle down and commit to a long-term relationship. Or so we thought… Let’s see if we can learn any secrets today.

Alexia:       Thanks for agreeing to chat with us, Caleb. Are you ready for some difficult questions?

Caleb:       Absolutely. Should I have brought my climbing ropes?

Alexia:       Probably, but it’s too late now. First question: You’re a new addition to a crayon box. What color would you be and why?

Caleb:       I’d be a yellowy-orange, something bright and electric, full of energy. Plus, nothing rhymes with orange and I like to be individual. I’d call myself yellnge. Which would also be unique because no one would know exactly how to pronounce it.

Alexia:       It worries me that you didn’t take any time at all to answer that question. Clearly, it’s something you’ve thought about before, although I have no idea why.

Caleb:       Before I met Malee, I used to spend a lot of time dangling from the side of a mountain. Really frees up the mind to explore out of the box, or in this case, inside the box, questions.

Alexia:       All right. Have you thought about this one: How many Taylor Swift songs do you know the lyrics to?

Caleb:       Just one, Blank Space. I believe she wrote that about me.

Alexia:       I can see how you would think that. Okay, now that we’ve broken the ice, on to the real questions. What’s your favorite 90s jam?

Caleb:       Blueberry.

Alexia:       *sigh* Always the funny guy. Okay, next question: If someone gave you an elephant and you couldn’t sell or give it away, what would you do with it?

Caleb:       Wait. You’re responsible for the elephant, aren’t you?

Alexia:       *shifts in her seat, looks away* I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Caleb:       The elephant that adopted Malee and me. Did you set that up?

Alexia:       Perhaps you could be more specific. I’m an author, there are a lot of elephants in my brain.

Caleb:       You know the one. Malee called him Steve. He’s big, and gray. An Asian elephant if that makes a difference. We came back from exploring the area when we were stranded and he was waiting for us at Destiny Resort. If that was your doing…well…thanks for nothing.

Alexia:       You have a problem with Steve?

Caleb:       He’s annoying. And has terrible timing.

Alexia:       (Having perfected her innocent look from her four children who would never admit to drawing on the wall with crayon) How so?

Caleb:       Whenever I try to kiss Malee, Steve gets in the way.

Alexia:       I can see how that would frustrate you. What did you do about the situation?

Caleb:       What could I do? He’s a giant elephant. And you put him there.

Alexia:       This interview seems to have got off track. Back to my prepared questions.

Caleb:       No, I think we’re done. I have an elephant to feed. And clean up after. Do you know how much poop comes out of an elephant? You couldn’t just have put a cat in the story, could you. It had to be an elephant. *storms out of interview*

Alexia:       *shrugs* What can I say? The book is set in Thailand. They have elephants. Everyone loves elephants. Except, it seems Caleb. Although he did pay someone to feed Steve and has hired a caretaker for when he and Malee aren’t in Thailand. So, I guess what we learned today is that deep down, Caleb loves elephants.

Find out the whole story in Thailand with the Tycoon.

And a special thanks to Nancy for hosting us today and giving Caleb a chance to air his grievances.

Alexia, it was my pleasure. I love character interviews. If you missed Alexia Adams's author interview, you can find it HERE.

That's it for today. I hope you have a great weekend and find a few stolen moments to read a wonderful book. 

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  1. Snort! Poor Caleb, relegated to pooper-scooper for an elephant!
    I must get this book (counting my loonies now)!! ��

    1. Yeah, he'll need a huge doggy bag. Thanks for stopping by and commenting today, Celia.