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The AnalystBook 2 of the D'Azzo Family series will be up on Pre-Order this month, big cover reveal, July 23. I'm living in my writer's cave working through developmental edits from my amazing editor, Julie Sturgeon. If you love my books, Julie is the book whisperer who takes them to another level. 

I thought you might like to step into the middle of a scene and see my stars of The Analyst in this short excerpt. It's still in Word form. There are absolutely no spoilers in this excerpt ... okay, there is one little, tiny spoiler.

You had a short introduction of Tessa D'Azzo and Eric Logan in The EyewitnessTessa and Eric had this instant magnetism toward each other the moment they met. But I can't keep things so simple and easy. The story would be boring, and as you know, I don't write boring stories. 

Please let me know in comments what you think of Tessa and Eric so far, and stay tune next week for the cover reveal. Enjoy the excerpt!


Tessa's hand cupped his neck. “I’m here. Just taking it all in.”

“Too much, too fast?”

“No.” She ran her lips over the tender spot of his neck where his skin pulsed. “Not enough. I’m just getting started.” Her palm brushed over his shoulder, resting on a thin scar. Her gaze scanned his chest. Shit. His beautiful skin on his chest and arms was covered with scars of different sizes. “The explosion in Afghanistan…it wasn’t just your knee.”

 “It’s nothing.”

“It was something, and you were alone with it.”

“And now it’s over.”

The pain he must have gone through, and so far from home. “I have this high IQ and crazy brain, but I missed this. You were blown from the vehicle. Of course it wasn’t just your left leg.” Her lips went to the next wound and the next. 

Eric rolled her over onto her back. “Stop it.”

“I should have reached out to you. It goes back to the first time we met, the letters and that kiss at the airport, the way you hugged me like you didn’t want to let go. And then nothing. I was being petty, childish. God, I’m sorry this happened and …”

Eric brought his lips to hers, cutting off her last words. Smart, clever man. This wasn’t the time for things unsaid. His kiss took them back to the place where everything disappeared but them. Her palm swept over his shoulders and back muscles, so hard, such strength. She let go and gave into them. She wanted more from him than she ever expected. 

Her phone buzzed across the bedside table. She ignored it until his phone rang from the other room. Eric broke the kiss and eased off her, but she stopped him.

“No. Don’t answer it.” Her phone went still, and Tessa buried her head into his shoulder. Her lips worked their way to his lips, but the phone vibrated again; this time it seemed so much louder.

“Tessa, get it or I’ll have to get mine.”

I know. Too short. More to come. Promise!

Hugs to all,

Nancy C. Weeks

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