Wednesday, August 14, 2019


Happy Wednesday, Everyone!

Today is the official Book Cover Reveal for my new release, The Analyst, Book 2 of The D'Azzo Family series. I love this cover and so very proud of the story. This is what my wonderful editor, Julie Sturgeon, has to say about it. 

"Every career has a high point, and it’s rarely the glitzy moments. It’s that moment of deep satisfaction, a personal joy, something that awes you. This story is that for me."

You waited a long time for this story. It's been an interesting road since March 2018 when Simon & Schuster closed the doors unexpectedly to my imprint, Crimson Romance. The Eyewitness and The Analyst sat for months in the mess that followed. But that's in the past. 

Thank you for your patience. I'm placing The Analyst is up for PRE-ORDER for only $0.99. It will return to its normal price right after it releases. 

In honor of this book cover reveal, I have also placed the digital version of The Eyewitness on a Kindle Countdown Deal for only 7 days at $0.99

The Analyst Blurb:

Fans of Blue Bloods won’t want to miss this chapter of the D’Azzo family. 
FBI analyst Tessa D’Azzo has been tasked with a tough job even for her unusual skills: tear decorated police officer Oliver Gates’s life apart to find out why he went on a killing rampage before the Beltway sniper put a bullet through his heart. Anyone else would have missed the one link Tessa uncovers that connects Gates’s death, the sniper, and her own father’s murderer. 

But she reports to the one detective whose goal in life is to bury her career. Just let him try to distract her from using her advantage to hunt down this murderer. 

Gates’s replacement, Captain Eric Logan, has had his fill of Tessa’s brilliant but erratic mind, her unfounded theories, and the way she haunts his dreams. He owes Joe D’Azzo a great debt and is determined to find who’s behind his friend’s murder without Tessa’s interference destroying his case. 
Yet when grief overwhelms Tessa’s focus, Eric’s closeness is the only thing that centers her. And he can’t squelch the desire to convince her that life is about more than working the case.  Maybe this time, she doesn’t have to fight the battle alone. 

With the killer close enough to touch and Tessa the target, will love transform them to true partners?

Come back tomorrow for Chapter One excerpt, but before you go, I have an exciting contest on my newsletter this month. Have you ever dreamed of becoming a character in a book? I will pick one of my newsletter subscribers and recreate him/her into a secondary character in my next release, The Protector which releases this winter 2020. To learn more about my newsletter, clink HERE.


That's it for today.  Don't forget to drop by tomorrow for Chapter One of The AnalystI have one more contest I can't wait to tell you about. I hope you can find a few stolen moments to relax and read a wonderful book. 

Hugs to all, 
Nancy C. Weeks

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