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In The Shadow of Evil

Evil thinks I belong to him. Over my dead body!
Jennie McKenzie spends her days teaching ten-year-old students, but her nights are dedicated to hunting down evidence against her parents' murderer. He once spared her life, so now he thinks she belongs to him. But Jennie has her own mission: to make Mendoza pay for his sins.

Evil thinks she belongs to him. Over my dead body!

Detective Jared McNeil has one relentless objective: to bring down his archenemy, the new crime boss ruling over Baltimore's gangs. When Jared discovers that Mendoza is stalking the woman he loves, he throws all caution to the wind. To get to Jennie, Mendoza will have to go through Jared.

As dark forces loom larger than the shadows that haunt Jared and Jennie, time is slipping away. Together, their love possesses the strength to shield them. Alone, they will fail. Friends-to-Lovers

  Beautifully Written

"A wonderful love story in the face of incredible evil and the power of family. It will grab you the heart and hold on."

-Amazon Reviewer-

Excellent read!

"This is a story of loss, love and revenge, and will have you caught between wanting to know what happens, and not wanting this story to end. This is a series worth reading, and Nancy C Weeks is always one of my 'must read' authors."

-Amazon Reviewer

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