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In The Shadow of Malice

It’s just a ride home by a drop-dead gorgeous new friend. What could possibly go wrong?

Adam Blake has gone to great lengths to protect his identity from a brutal crime boss, his grandfather. When he drops his guard, his best friend pays the price. Even worse, his grandfather now knows about Adam’s four-year-old daughter. To keep her safe, Adam must take down a monster … or die trying.

After months of living in an emotional vacuum after her roommate’s murder, Calista Martin befriends a regular customer at the diner. What is supposed to be just a ride home hurls her headlong into a world of murder and revenge. To add to an already explosive situation, a young child’s life is in danger. Calista couldn’t protect her best friend, but this time around, evil will not prevail.

Can Adam and Calista put their past mistakes behind them, protect a special little girl, and allow their love to work its power? Or will the heartless criminals win, taking their future as a family out of their hands forever?  Friends-to-Lovers

"From the very first page, action and adventure make this a fast-paced, hold-onto-your-seat-who-knows-what’s-coming-next read!"

-InD'Tale Magazine



"A Must Read For Any Fan of Suspense, Thriller RomanceIn the Shadow of Malice there is suspense on nearly every page with romance closely following, just as a romantic suspense book should be! I read it twice because I loved the characters and action so much!"

-Goodreads Reviewer

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