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The Eyewitness 

Her foundation has been rocked to its core. Can she trust the man who makes her feel safe, or is he behind the nightmare that will destroy her?

Forensic specialist Emersyn D'Azzo bears the haunting scar of a sniper's bullet—the very one that stole her father away. Despite overwhelming grief, she hunts his murderer. One man can help her, but he’s barricaded access to her father's case. He may be everything she desires in a man, and the dark shadows under his eyes scream that he’s fighting his demon grief. Emersyn will cut right through him to catch a killer.

Detective Alec Pearce is haunted by nightmares of his partner’s lifeless body in his arms. Joe D’Azzo never wanted Alec anywhere near her and for a good reason. But that doesn’t stop Alec from wanting her. When her life is threatened, his plan to keep Emersyn at arm’s length changes. To stop a killer, he must get very close and personal.

Can Emersyn and Alec accept the power of love that can only make them stronger before they become the sniper’s next mark?

Don't miss out on this enthralling blend of suspense, romance, and mystery—a tale that will leave you eagerly anticipating the next chapter in The D'Azzo Family series.

***While each book in The D’Azzo Family series is a standalone romance, the series is a much more enjoyable read in order.

 "With an in-depth plot, characters that jump off the page and into the heart, and writing for the intellectual mind, The Eyewitness is a tale for the ages. Start to finish this book is a breathtaking mystery that keeps the reader at the edge of their seat." 

InD'tale Magazine 


"Suspenseful till the end!
Their chemistry is off the charts and the dance (no pun intended) is one that will keep you tethered between screaming and flipping pages because I just couldn't get enough. I read this book in a couple of days and kept getting angry at anything that would get in the way of reading."

-Author, J.L. Lora

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