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Exhilarating stories have lived in my head for my entire life. As a child, all I had to do was close my eyes and the most amazing characters would appear. One magical day in my teens, I discovered the works of Victoria Holt, the queen of historical romance. Her books, filled with romance, mystery and intrigue always had a happy ending. That was it–I was sold. Romance novels became my obsession.

Over the years, I found that a good romance story helped me get through some very rough patches. That said, my imaginary stories still lived in my head. When my two children were off to college, my sister challenged me to stop “talking” about writing. I wrote my first sentence, then the first paragraph and kept writing until I had over ten pages of a manuscript. I sent it to Mary, and she demanded more pages. Before I knew it, I was well on my way toward my first novel. Those ten pages cemented a path I have enjoyed more than I could have imagined and should have been on for years.

I found my hero, my sweet hubby, in college, and 30+ years later, we’re still holding on to each other every chance we get. I thank God every day for the joy, love, support, encouragement, and passion I have experienced in my married life. What I hope for all my readers is that you discover that love is out there. It is never perfect nor easy, but happy-ever-after exists.

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