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The D'Azzo Family

A family is torn apart by the unthinkable. Each sibling, Emersyn, Tessa and Nathan are blinded by grief, but that won’t stop them from hunting their father’s killer. Maybe they will find their own unexpected happy ending along the way.

"Heart-pounding, non-stop thrilling read."

The Eyewitness

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Alec Pearce vows to protect his partner's daughter with his life even though they can't stand to be in the same room with each. Heart-stopping suspense,lasting HEA. 


The Analyst

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Tessa D'Azzo built her reputation as an FBI analyst by missing nothing—not a date, a fact, a connection, not even a passing glance. But now her talents are blinded by grief. Can the one detective who doesn’t trust Tessa’s skill clear his mind—and heart—in time to save their lives?


The Protector

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You won’t want to miss this final chapter of the D’Azzo family. Nathan D'Azzo and Olivia Weaver have such an amazing journey toward their HEA.

Shadows and Light

Meet five Irish brothers, all sworn to protect and serve - and the smart, strong women who help them take down the terrorists gunning for their family. Action/Adventure-Romantic Suspense with lasting Happily-Ever-After

Re-release with new content starting April 2020


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While cryptologist, Dr. Sarah Tu tries to block a botnet, her sister is attacked and left in a coma. Detective Jason McNeil can’t ignore the victim’s voice in his head. When a ruthless cybercriminal holds him at gunpoint, Sarah must choose between protecting national security or the man she loves.


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Nothing can shield Jennie McKenzie from the evil that shadows her, but she can fight. Detective Jared McNeil’s vow; no one hurts Jennie again.

A mysterious champion is on their side, but that’s not enough. Will history repeat itself or can they learn to work together before all is lost?


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Adam Blake, ex-CIA operative, has gone to great lengths to keep his identity a secret, but his cover's blown when he ends up on the run with waitress, Calista Martin to protect his young daughter. 


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A blind date goes horribly wrong, and Lexie Trevena is framed with attempted murder. To protect her toddler son, she turns to the FBI agent responsible for her husband’s death. Can Mac McNeil get Lexie to trust him, or will pride keep them from a boundless love, ripping those held most dear apart as well?

What's Being Said about My Books...

The Eyewitness - RONE Award winner for Best Romantic Suspense/Thriller 2018


Believe me, I’m stingy with my five stars but The Protector Book 3  The D'Azzo Family is five stars all the way! Suspense, action, awesome plot, fierce and sweet romance - all wrapped up in one book. Well done!

Goodreads Reader

I loved The Analyst! It has a fascinating, reasonable murder mystery, lots of action as well as heart-thumping suspense, and a crazy, sweet romance. The characters are fully realized and vivid with finely honed dialogue. Start reading early because you won’t be able to put it down!

BookBub Reader 

“Nancy C. Weeks absolutely astounds with this fabulous first in a series. I am already eagerly awaiting the next in this romantic suspense set.”

The Eyewitness Book 1 The D'Azzo Family

-Night Owl Romance

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