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Hi Everyone!

I would like introduce you to author, Samantha Anne. We're sitting down for a very quick interview about her re-release, Kirby.

Cover Reveal/Pre-Sale Event: June 15, 2018 – July 1, 2018

“What she wanted to find was her heart’s desire. What she found was her sassiest self – and Hottie McCoffeehouse.”

ONLY $2.99

Super cute new cover! So tell us, why did you choose to re-release Kirby?

I really wanted to give Kirby new life after my original publisher, Crimson Romance, shut its doors earlier this year. It’s a really fun read that I’m happy to say has made quite a few people giggle and happy-sigh! I decided to re-launch it on my own because there is also so much more I can do with it now that I have the rights to myself.

What do you hope to do with Kirby now that the book is all yours again?

I’m working on adapting the story into a screenplay, because a lot of readers have said that they can see it on screen (I admit, I can too!). I also want to ultimately release an audiobook version, and – well, there’s one more surprise that I’m working on (at the persistent request of readers who have already devoured Kirby), but you’ll have to wait until the book comes out!

Any fun facts about Kirby?

Kirby started out as a defunct screenplay that sat in the bottom of a blue bin in my closet for close to five years. 2012’s So You Think You Can Write contest came around, and I decided immediately that I wanted to participate. What ended up happening was that Kirby was written from start to finish in 12 days!
The man who inspired the hero (assuming he hasn’t tossed it, of course!) has not only a copy of the original edition, but also has an early treatment that I wrote for the screenplay. The latter was not my best work, so I’m fairly certain that made it into the trash. But see below to find out who exactly inspired the book’s hero, Joe “AJ” Pavon.

Who inspired the two main characters?

Rachel was always meant to be an amalgam of myself (well, who I wanted to be) and Anne Hathaway, though lately I’ve “dream casted” actress Jessica Stroup if it should ever make it to screen.

Joe “AJ” Pavon, forever known as Hottie McCoffeehouse in the pages of Kirby, was 100% inspired by Joe Manganiello. The teasing smile he gave me when I told him (I fangirl-traveled to see him perform in a play in Connecticut) reinforced how happy I am that I did. 😉

How do you get inspired to write?

Sometimes, music does it. Other times, people-watching is a sure fire way to get me going. Then of course there are times where inspiration pops up out of nowhere! Those days are why I have a notebook on me at all times. 

What’s the best thing about being a writer?

The best thing for me is being able to clean my brain out on a daily basis. Sometimes, just having the ability to write my thoughts out is a huge blessing. When someone reads it and either relates or enjoys it, well - that's just ten times more awesome.

What’s your advice for aspiring writers?

I tell everyone the same thing that was told to me: Write. Seek inspiration. Then write more. 

I still have that printed next to my writing space. So let's give everyone a peek at your blurb and excerpt for Kirby.

Blurb for Kirby

Rachel Sirianni is a twenty-seven-year-old native New Yorker with dreams of becoming an editor for Equinox Publishing, one of the top imprints in the city. And it seems she’s finally gotten her foot in the door, until one wild morning turns her fast track into an uphill climb.
Unable to pay her bills, she takes an unlikely second job to make ends meet and finds herself struggling to maintain two lives – her own, and that of her alter ego. Kirby is a sassy, imaginative, and extroverted fireball whom Rachel had no idea was lying dormant inside of her.
Enter Joe, a larger-than-life, brutally hot writer with a heart of gold. Rachel can’t seem to control herself around him, despite the fact that she’s sworn off men until she can get her career back on track. Their backgrounds and interests very nearly run parallel, and the Universe seems to keep pulling the pair together – in every aspect of Rachel’s life.
 What happens when two worlds collide, particularly where it concerns Joe? The ride of her life may just lead to love – or it could lead back to the drawing board.


(You can find the entire first chapter on Wattpad by clicking here.)

"I'm screwed."
Rachel sat across a small round table from her best friend Camille, as they both sipped from two abundantly filled glasses of riesling. Camille raised an eyebrow and gave her a smirk.
"You make it sound like a bad thing."
Rachel pursed her lips and fought a smile. "Cami, I'm serious! I'm only making a dollar more an hour than I was at StarChefs."
"I thought we were here to celebrate," Camille teased, "You're in the company you've wanted to work for since freshman year. So you've got to start back at the beginning. Suck it up and wow them, now! And if that doesn't work, just sleep your way to the top."
Rachel snickered and tilted her head to one side. "Cami, please."
Camille gave Rachel a wink and turned to hail their waiter. "Don't you worry Rach, we'll make this week disappear and you can start fresh on Monday."
Rachel smiled at her best friend. Camille had just turned thirty, and somehow seemed more worldly than most women ten years her senior. The fact that she was a fashion photographer might have had something to do with it. She'd been to a number of different countries, and had met some of the world's most interesting people. The way Cami told it, the most interesting were usually found in back alley bars, local watering holes, and hole-in-the-wall pubs. She'd seen it all, done it all, and captured it all. Buying Cami a glass of wine would get you hours of some of the best stories ever told — and Rachel got to hear them all for free.
A waiter approached and filled their glasses once more. Camille held her glass up to toast Rachel.
"To the finest junior editor the publishing world has ever seen," she announced with a smile, tossing her thick ash blond locks behind her shoulder.
Rachel blushed. "The finest almost junior editor."
"Semantics," Camille replied with a sly smile, "Your future is set, and I say that it's so. Now clink my glass and drink already!"
Rachel laughed and saluted her buddy, taking a long, satisfying sip. Camille studied her closely, and allowed herself a serious moment.
"Honey, listen," she said, placing a comforting hand on Rachel's forearm, "This may be a setback, but it's a minor one. I know how talented you are, and I know how much you love books and the business. You will get the position you were hired for; I know it. You're already a star, now you've just got to prove it."
Rachel smiled. "Thanks, Cam. And thanks for dinner! I'm not going to need to eat until Monday! Then again, I can't really afford to."
"Now, now, enough of the pity party," Camille chided, "You know if you need money I can lend it to you. It comes with an open-ended payback policy, and zero interest."
"Thanks, but I think I'm just going to have to find another job again."
Rachel breathed a heavy sigh at the mention of a second job; she was so tired of it! Losing sleep to barely get by wasn't her idea of living life. She'd expected to have that under control by now. But, it was the price one often paid to live their dream.
"It's only six months," Camille insisted, "You can make it. You'll be fine by the end of the year."
Rachel leaned back, stretching her arms. "God, I hope so. I'm pretty much over the four hours of sleep routine."
Cami took a long sip from her wine glass. "You can get through it. What you can't do, however, is be late again."
Rachel nodded, giving a yawn. "Let's call it a night. Or at least let's get a bottle to go and watch some movies at my place."
"Is the roommate home?"
"Nope, she just left on an improv tour."
Camille stood. "Throw in a couple of Diane Keaton movies and I'm there."
Rachel grinned. "Annie Hall?"
"Annie Hall."

Meet Samantha Anne

Samantha Anne is the author of Kirby and Company Ink (nominated for a 2014 Rone Award and a 2016 Rone Award Finalist, respectively) and has been writing Contemporary Romance since 2013. She grew up writing fan fiction for her friends (dubbed ‘Daydreams’) and their first book boyfriends, as a result, included the likes of Joey McIntyre, Kevin Richardson, and JC Chasez.
Her writing style was built on a healthy diet of Anne Rice, Nora Ephron, Amy Heckerling, Garry Marshall twisted with the comedic stylings of Mel Brooks and National Lampoon set to the tune of The Ramones, David Bowie, Bon Jovi, and Joan Jett, and it often shows in her work.
When she’s not writing about flawed heroines and their charming love interests, Samantha loves playing bass, baking, feeding her friends, podcasting, singing and drowning in Disney movies and 80’s/90’s pop culture. Learn more about her at www.samantha-anne.net

Where to find Samantha Anne

Facebook: www.facebook.com/author.samantha.anne         
Samantha, thank you so much for taking the time to drop in today. I wish you the very best on Kirby's re-release. I too am planning to give my older backlist titles a fresh new look with added material in the next few months. I hope you will hold my hand a little as I venture into this new area of my writing career. 

Please don't be a stranger. Come back and let us hear about your next release. 
If anyone has a question for Samantha Anne, ask away. Clink on the pencil below or drop me an email at nancy@nancycwees.com and I'll post it here for you. 

Have a great week, and as always, take a moment to read great book.

Hugs to all,
Nancy C. Weeks 

Wednesday, June 6, 2018


Happy Wednesday, Everyone!

So this happened ...

Ind'Tale Magazine's RONE Award--Reward Of Novel Excellence!

I know it's a little hard to see. Just in case your eyes are like mine, it says under Suspense/Thriller, The Eyewitness - ME!  This very cool badge can be inserted onto my cover.
I'm so thrilled that my book baby is a Rone Finalist. I love Emersyn and Alec's story so much, and the fact that InD'tale Magazine nominated it, and my wonderful, generous readers took time to give it their vote----my heart is full. Thank you so much. I have the best readers out there. The Eyewitness will now be read by a group of industry professionals consisting of editors, writers, professors etc., and judged on a one to five scale from a specific list of requirements such as characterization, overall arc, editing--the list goes on. The winner will be announced at the 2018 InD’Scribe Author Reader Conference in October, Burbank, CA. Please keep your fingers and toes's crossed. If you remember, In the Shadow of Greed was an honorable mention. I would be thrilled if The Eyewitness is ... sorry. I can't jinx it. 

Again, thanks for your continued support. 

Hugs to all,
Nancy C. Weeks

P.S. If you missed Ind'Tale Magazine's review of The Eyewitness, you can find it here:

Thursday, May 31, 2018


A thought from the strongest woman I will ever know. 
My mother, Louise.

We are what we think.
 We attract what we think.
Ugly attracks ugly.
Kindness attracts kindness.
Compassion attracts compassion. 
If we want kindness and compassion in our lives, we have to be kind, compassionate to everyone we meet. 
I cleanse my life of negative thoughts. And when they work their way to my surface, I physically shake them from my head. And then, I pray. 

I live my life by these simple words...and I have a pretty amazing life. 
Hugs to all,
Nancy C. Weeks

Thursday, April 26, 2018


I went searching for the people who needed a voice. I wanted to give them a voice.

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all had a great week. I spend my week hiding out in my writer's cave [kitchen table] enjoying the process of beginning a new novel, my ninth. The first few chapters are always the hardest part of the book, but I'm in my happy place.

Today, I'm thrilled to showcase a first-timer on my blog, Bethany-Kris, author of Loyalty and Disgrace

Bethany says below that she's 'boring as hell' in real life. Ladies and Gents, that so untrue. My head spins with what Bethany can do with her few free hours a day. 

Bethany-Kris, I can't thank you enough for sitting down today with us. To start off this interview, tell us a little about yourself--the real woman behind the writer and how came to write Loyalty and Disgrace?

Hi, Nancy. Thanks for having me!

I always find these bits in interviews come off the same when I answer, and so I will try to do something different this time. So, I am a mother of four young boys which means I don’t do anything without someone needing me, wanting something, or climbing up my legs. I have three dogs, one cat, and a hubby. I’m boring as hell in real life because well, I don’t have a life beyond writing and my kiddos.

That’s the way I like it.

I have lived an interesting life before all of this, but that’s another story for another day.

The John + Siena duet was a set of books that I have been waiting to write ever since Johnathan was born to a character (Lucian) in one of my earlier works (Filthy Marcellos: Lucian). Mind you, it’s not required for you to read the Marcellos series—I simply have a habit of refusing to let go of my characters, and letting them have their own big world and life. I continue them on as standalone series or novels, and that’s what happened with John. I knew he was different and special due to his own set of circumstances, and I really just wanted to put him down on paper. That’s how those two books were born.

Bethany, I'm the same way with my own characters. I just can't let them go and have to write their stories--because they won't allow me a good night's sleep if I ignore them for too long. 
I'm sure a lot of people ask you how you manage to get so much writing done with four young boys, but do you think your boys (or being a mother of all boys) have shaped the way you write in any way?

It has—a lot, actually. There seems to be this trend in romance where men are getting labeled as heroes who have literally no business being called a hero. Sure, authors can slap the pretty dark romance tag on it and think they’re safe, but I call garbage on that kind of thing. I write my heroes the way I want my sons to be, and how I am trying to raise them.

As good men. And sure, my heroes tend to fall on the gray side of life—not entirely good people, but not the villains, either—but at the end of the day, they are good men who love their wives, and treat their children well. They protect their family, and honor it.

That’s how my sons have influenced the way I write.

My daughter has a very small tattoo on her wrist that says simply, WORDS. As authors, our words have an unique power to drive change. Your sons are very lucky to you in their lives...just saying. 
When did you realize you wanted to be a writer? 

I was nineteen, had my first son, and was battling severe post-partum depression. I woke up one day, and needed an outlet for everything that was going on inside my head. And that was sort of how this was born for me. I just went from there. 

Monday, April 23, 2018



I'm thrilled to announce that The Eyewitness, Book 1 The D'Azzo Family series has been nominated by InD'tale Magazine for a prestigious RONE Award--Reward of Novel Excellence in the Romantic Suspense category. As with television shows like The Voice or American Idol, The Eyewitness needs your vote this week to make it into the final round.

Suspense/Thriller Weeks 2-- April 23--April 29, 2018.
To cast your vote for The Eyewitness, please log-in/sign-up at InD’tale Magazine. Registration is completely free and a wonderful source for great romance.  The Eyewitness can be found second from the bottom of the Suspense/Thriller group. 

You can read the complete review from InD'tale HERE. This is my all-time favorite paragraph in any review ever!  

I can't thank you enough for your vote. Have a wonderful week.
Hugs to all,
Nancy C. Weeks

Friday, April 20, 2018


"Nothing worth doing comes easy." 

Happy Friday, Everyone!
I'm beginning a blog series, The Protector Quest. What the heck is that? Well, The Protector is the title of my ninth novel. Each new post will be presented in chapter form--because I'm a writer and I love getting through one chapter and going on to the next. This series is a bird's eye view of what I put myself through with each new novel. So lets get to it! 

Chapter One--The Beginning

I have nothing!

Well...that's not exactly true. I have an amazing title that the members of my wonderful Facebook group, Nancy's Corner, helped me select. The image above depicts the road I have ahead of me. It's that disorganized, unpredictable, and at times, so disheartening. AND...I constantly hear my sweet, wise mom's voice in my head. 

Nothing worth doing comes easy." 

I'm not overstating when I say I have nothing planned for The Protector.  This is how every new novel of mine begins. While I have a soft foundation for my hero, Nathan D'Azzo, Emersyn and Tessa's older brother, that's where things get sticky. I haven't a clue what comes next at this point.

You met Nathan for the first time in chapter two of The Eyewitness, and he has a much bigger role in The Analyst. The Protector will be the third book in my The D'Azzo Family series. Here is what it looks like: 
The Eyewitness--starring Emersyn D'Azzo and Alec Pearce
The Analyst-- starring Tessa D'Azzo and Eric Logan
[More to come about The Analyst below.] 
The Protector--starring Nathan D'Azzo and ???

Another truth: I know that The Protector is Nathan's journey, and that the man I introduce you to in the first sentence will not be the same man on the last page. I don't know how Nathan will change, but if I do my job, he will have envolved in ways I can't even imagine today. That is the magic of writing, the reason I love what I do so much.

So.... no name for my heroine. I'm thinking about Olivia, again, a name suggested from Nancy's Corner. It is beginning to fit the image I have of her in my head. What I can give you is by the end of chapter one, Nathan will put up every shield he built over the years and protect himself against her. 

But this is a romantic suspense with an HEA, right? 

I'll get there somehow. Next post, I hope to get your help choosing what she looks like---and what Nathan looks like, the inspiration I will use to create two amazingly strong characters. I know my villain, and they are going to need all the help they can get. 

This is your front row seat on my quest, writing of The Protector. I hope you will stick around and invite your friends too. As you can see, I have a lot of work to do. I want this book done by October. 

Unsettling News: The Analyst

I know you have been waiting patiently for  book 2, The Analyst. A month ago, out of the blue, Simon & Schuster closed the doors to my publisher, Crimson Romance, effective immediately. This came as a shock to everyone. I signed a contract on Friday three days before, and was so excited to announce it to you. Monday afternoon, The Analyst's contract, gone. All my books are still being sold by S&S, but I'm looking for another home for The D'Azzo Family series. Until I find it, I'm going to do something positive, write the next book.  I hope you will all be a little patient with me as I figure this out. It's time to take a deep breath and allow the dust to settle. I love what I do, and I love living my dream--even after this last month. 

That's it for today. Next week, I have invited the wonderful Bethany-Kris to sit down for an author interview. I'm so impressed by Bethany's confidence and drive. I can't wait for you to meet her. Until then, I hope you can take a break in your busy life and read a great book.

Hugs to all,
Nancy C. Weeks

***If you haven't heard about Nancy's Corner or joined Nancy's Newsletter, please do so today.  I would love to have a closer relationship with my readers.

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Happy Wednesday, Everyone!
I hope you are having a great week. This is a short post to tell you about another contest. To begin, check out this adorable banner.

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