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The cover for Romantic Suspense novel by Award Winning author, Nancy C. Weeks

In The Shadow of Greed

She protects the cyber world. He defends his fellow man. What neither expected . . . someone would kill to ensure they both fail.


While cyber security analyst, Dr. Sarah Tu blocks a dangerous botnet, her sister is attacked and left in a coma. They both should’ve been on a beach drinking margaritas. Her new focus, she’ll protect her sister and find the monster who left her to die.

The drop-dead-gorgeous detective, Jason McNeil wants answers she can’t give him. When she goes it alone, she inadvertently opens a web of deception.

When Sarah is kidnapped, she must fight for time. Can Jason find her in time before she’s forced to make an impossible choice — protect national security or save the man she loves?

 "What a wild ride! 

In the Shadow of Greed is a smart,sexy and intriguing romantic suspense that kept me on the edge of my seat to the very end.I found it quite fascinating. 

-Goodreads -Author, Robyn Neeley


"Holy hot sauce! Nancy hit the jackpot with this skillfully composed treat, laying out one killer story line and gripping plot, meld this gem together flawlessly."

-Top 500 Amazon Reviewer

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