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The Eyewitness

Book 1

The D'Azzo Family

Alec Pearce vows to protect his partner's daughter with his life even though they can't stand to be in the same room with each. Heart-stopping suspense,lasting HEA. 


The Analyst

Book 2

The D'Azzo Family

Tessa D'Azzo missing nothing—not a date, a fact, a connection, not even a passing glance. Her unique talent is blinded by grief. Can the one detective, who doesn’t trust her gift, clear his mind—and heart—in time to save their lives?


His One Wish

Novella Retelling

What does a former Marine dealing with PTSD and a spit-fire CEO have in common? They're strangers who cross paths in the most unlike place and must fight for each other or lose everything. Fast-read thrilling romance with an heartwarming HEA.


“With an in-depth plot, characters that jump off the page and into the heart, and writing for the intellectual mind, The Eyewitness is a tale for the ages.”

RONE AWARD Best Suspense/Thriller 2018

"Although this story is first and foremost a mix of action, adventure and romance, I appreciate the other elements in dealing with grief, the strong bonds with family and finding time for some comedic moments. It makes for a very well rounded story."

Amazon Reader The Analyst Book 2

"A gripping story that kept me awake long into the night, then hooked me back to it early in the morning. The twists and turns that had my head spinning. Awesome."

The Eyewitness from Goodreads

"A wild ride of action and adventure with some romance for spice. Another couldn't-put-it-down read. The author did a fabulous job with all the twists, turns, and a huge surprise. Wow!"

Goodreads Reader The Analyst Book 2