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Happy Spring From My Neighborhood

Spring has arrived! Like most of you, I went into self-isolation a couple weeks ago - to protect myself, and to do my part to keep the coronavirus [COVID 19] from spreading further in or out of my backyard. But I don’t intend to miss this beautiful time of year.

My sweet hubby and I took a drive into Washington D.C. yesterday evening just before sunset. Rather than taking a long walk around the tidal basin or stopping somewhere for dinner, we practiced social distancing and drove. We snapped pictures from the car window of the beautiful cherry trees, and talked about anything but the virus.

It was a cloudy evening, but it was still lovely.

My Take Away

When the cherry trees are in full bloom, the tidal basin along the Potomac is crowded with people from around the world. I love the beautiful blooms, and I’m always amazed at how kind and considerate everyone is to each other. Some stop and wait while a family takes a treasured snapshot of a future memory, while someone else steps in to help.

It’s a magical time, the soft pinkish white blooms give us a glance into how much we are alike. There weren’t as many visitors this year, but those who were there, kept several feet away from each other, and seemed to have loved being there as much as I did. Even with the current social constraints, we greeted each other realizing each of us could still share the beauty around us.

The silver lining for me is that for once, we're fighting the same enemy, and it’s evident that we are all doing our part. And when we defeat it, and we will, maybe we'll see each other in the same light I experienced once a year while the cherry blossoms bloom on the Potomac. We will get through this together. There is no way we'll be the same once we’re on the other side. It’s my hope the positive change will present itself in a more compassionate people, a more accepting people, and a more loving people. At least that's my prayer.

Huge hugs to you and your family. Stay Healthy!

Nancy C. Weeks



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