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I Left You Hanging...Until Now

I have to say the hardest challenge I have had in my short writing career was creating a series that left my readers hanging in the first two books, The Eyewitness and The Analyst of The D’Azzo Family series. I don’t particularly care for cliffhangers, but that's how this series came to me.

What if… am amazing husband, a father and a detective was killed in cold blood, but his killer wasn’t revealed until the last book?

To be fair, I did give everyone a very sweet happily-ever-after for Emersyn and Alec and Tessa and Eric. One reviewer on Goodreads even said, The Analyst was “a heart-thumping suspense, and a crazy, sweet romance.” With that said, I did leave the suspense element, who killed Joe D'Azzo, left wide open.

So, what happens in the final chapter? The image does hint that there will be a happy ending. That's all I can give you. I will not ruin the fun of reading The Protector.  But, what I do have is a teaser. In this excerpt, you will meet Nathan D’Azzo and see what he’s been up to while his sisters were doing their thing.

The Protector, Book 3, and the final chapter of The D’Azzo Family series releases February 18, 2020.

Hugs to all!

Nancy C. Weeks

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